San Jose rejects porn filters in libraries

A year and a half of debate over filtering pornography out of San Jose public library computers came to a head late Tuesday when the City Council rejected spending money on the technology.

"The fear is not based on fact," said Tina Morrill. "We can use this money to keep our library hours longer."


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What a fantastic quote from Tina Morrill. I'd like to buy her a cupcake.

"Debbie Mendez said that on

"Debbie Mendez said that on a visit to her local branch library last summer, a man seated next to her and her son and daughter was viewing pornography, and the librarian said there was not much she could do about it."

The librarian was not capable of walking up to this man and quietly letting him know that the material he was viewing was not appropriate for a public computer lab? No filters doesn't mean no rules!


I snoop at your screen and call it porn so that makes it porn?

how about...

privacy screens and everyone keeping their eyes on their own screen. MYOB works for me.

"Everything is for the best in this best of all possible worlds"

-Candide by Voltaire

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