Should LISNews Disable Anonymous Commenting?


No. But maybe we should all require civility.

I rarely comment, and would never comment if I had to create/remember an id/password. I would go along with a requirement for some kind of identifier as long as it's something standard and fairly quick.

There are web sites are are self-policing for comments. (See Ta-Nehisi Coates at The Atlantic as an example.) Commenters tell the trolls when they are out of line. If it continued, I've seen comments that someone will be flagged. I don't know what happens in that case, because it resulted in an apology and cessation of the rudeness.


Give me options in the comment form.

If logging in would turn commenters away, then leave it open and let 'em keep coming. But I'd like the option to include my name without a big account-creation, password-remembering hassle. Just give me a field in the comment form to put a handle into.

Lots of sites I visit allow comments but require an email address -- which is not posted -- in order to allow me to make a comment. That also gives me the option to receive updates when somebody new comments on the thread or posts a direct reply to my comment.

I don't know how these systems work, and I could probably drop a bogus email in as long as it had a valid format. But maybe there are some security (and civility) options available through that route.

same as above

On sites where you can just enter your name in the comments box, I always do. But I'm not creating another id/password.

And the most dedicated trolls just make up a 'real' name anyway.

It would be helpful to see more of the thought process behind the proposal. LIS hasn't struck me as uncommonly uncivil, internet-wise. Bullies are everywhere, sadly.


We need more voters...please if you haven't weighed in on the issue, cast your vote!

Normally I'm for not

Normally I'm for not blocking anonymous comments because of the usual library-school privacy reasons. Here? Even if the format and snark are a little fast and loose if someone is making commentary, posting links and even attempting to give the slightest hint of "professional news you can use," then I'd like to know my source. There are people out here who's "names" I know and who's opinions have more or less weight as a result. Effing is right that Anonymous comments can always be made via a fake id, but the deterrent still seems nice to use.

I do agree that a barrier is the ease of logging on and being able to make comments easily with a name attached. I would like to see that improved more than an outright ban on anonymous commentary, but given only those two options...

"Electricity is really just organized lightning." - George Carlin

If there's any barrier to

If there's any barrier to commenting, I just will give up commenting. Not worth my time to log in / remember my password, etc.

Anonymous commenting

Ditto two things.

two things

Allow anonymous commenting if someone is going to moderate comments, if not require some sort of logging in. OpenID is a must in my mind.

Agree with first comment

No offense to LISNews but I'm not going to create YET ANOTHER set of credentials just to comment on a site. Use openid or give a name/site option like there is on Blogger. I'm happy to use my consistent pseudonym if you give me a place to put it. -- GeekChic

Oddly enough, I voted no.

Since I'm guessing I might be part of the reason for this poll... No, there hasn't been a rash of bigotry, just what I--and maybe it's just me--perceive as a downward spiral of civility and thoughtfulness in anonymous comments, combined with a demonstrated willingness to personally attack the few of us who still sign comments.

That's my problem, and I'll probably solve it by not commenting. As a general rule, I'm not in favor of outlawing anonymity--it causes more problems than it solves. (OK, so I'm generally not in favor of adding rules just because of irritants.)

you perceive correctly

Walt said: "perceive [as] a downward spiral of civility and thoughtfulness in anonymous comments, combined with a demonstrated willingness to personally attack the few of us who still sign comments."

...and that's why I voted yes, anonymous comments, i.e., those without either a person's established name or identity, or some sort of handle (ex. - M. Dewey, A. Carnegie, etc.) should not be allowed.

So you have to change your name a couple of's not worth your while to comment and/or start a dialogue?

Honestly, some of us invest about an hour or more a day...without monetary find stories and post them for you.

You'd need to move user

You'd need to move user login/create new account up the page. And, I agree. I don't see why people think that having logins is anything other than anonymous. We can all create accounts called 'anonymous1,' 'anonymous2,' or "James Madison," have them emailed to a yahoo account we set up that day, and, if we get banned, simply unplug our router and plug it back in to get a new IP address. I agree with Bobbi, though - an option to attach identifying name upon submission of comment would be nice. Has there been a rash of bigotry or spam or something?

sometimes I don't want my comments associated with

*any* of my identities, especially the fake ones. why go through the trouble of building a fake identity only to tarnish it with stupid comments. so I comment anonymously to protect my artificial self. my real self avoids the internet like the plague. - the.effing.librarian

What I don't like

is that once I've closed my window it forgets me and I have to log back in again, so a lot of my anon comments are simply because it doesn't remember me for long enough!


I'm curious as the reason why?

oh I see

Ok see now when I left that comment there wasn't even an option to include my information, which I would have happily done. -Bobbi

Only if you allow an easier

Only if you allow an easier way to comment, like using openid. Sorry, I've just given up using individual logins per each website unless I really interact with the community there. When there was an option to use a name, I used that.

I still don't get the arguments for removing that feature. I also don't get the current solution, as it seems one could simply just create new account every time and make it appear to be coming from someone else with the current system as far as I can tell.

Jon Gorman

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