Should you become a librarian?

Use this flowchart to decide whether you should become a librarian. I hope you find it helpful.


Go do something else

Taking such a negative stance - and promoting it via national listservs - does not do anything to help the profession, those of us who are new to it, or folks who are new to library school.

I Agree

Yes, I am also a library student and this is completely disconcerting and unhelpful. I used to work in PR with no respect but at least I made money. Would love to hear something positive about being a librarian so I don't feel like a just wasted a small fortune on my MLS.


I hate to say this but there is a good chance you have wasted a small fortune on your MLS...sorry.

Greener pastures north of the border

I am not sure how different things are in the United States compared to in Canada but I know tons of my former McGill MLIS classmates who found great library jobs either before their graduation or shortly after. They did this by knowing what they wanted and passionately pursuing their dream job. In fact, some of these recent graduates found jobs in the United States, their employers even paid to fly them out for the interview. I have one semester left before graduating from my MLIS and I'm already fine-tuning my resume so that I can start applying for all the interesting jobs that are posted on my School of Information Studies' ListServ on a weekly basis. It seems to me like you have a bit of a negative perspective, maybe this is holding you back since most employers are looking for a candidate with a positive outlook who comes up with creative solutions for problems instead of dwelling on the negative. For the record, I love books, I have great self-worth and I did once have a cat named Max but for the moment I am pet-free.


Sorry to say I feel the same way... I went to CW Post and spent way too much money ... and now there are no jobs available.
The Public Libraries only have part-time positions, hence no benefits. I really feel it was a waste of valuable time and MONEY! Yes, I graduated and I am NOT happy with the results of the school.
I put my heart and soul into a better position with better pay and it is not happening.

More whining librarians

Instead of whining about being a librarian, go be something else.

What's wrong with that?

You're not supposed to give your cats people's names? My bad.

I give the patrons pet names -

There is a "Stinky" a "Barfy" a "Loco Loco" etc. How's that for a twist?


the *last* thing we need are more people who like books, don't feel worthy, and have cats.


What about those of us who already are?

Crap, I need this flowchart like 5 years ago. I could have become a hitman instead.


Sadly this nails much of the profession, sigh, singing in the rain nonetheless! Some dope is going to be getting that measly pay check, might as well be me :D

Glad I dont work here

I have a great coworkers and an even better boss!

should you become a librarian? Flow chart

The chart didn't include the huge Annual bonuses that You ....won't receive either.... or the bonus.. if you like to recycle things.. you get a lot of practice.. can't spend tight budget on cool stationery!

I'm missing something

I can't see a flowchart either.
I would like to, so I can spit coffee on my cats.

Am I missing something?

I don't see a flowchart. What happened?

Coffee spitter

Thanks. You made me spit coffee all over my keyboard. It ALMOST got on my BOOKS, and my CATS ran away just in time. All 25 of them.

my colleagues

My colleagues don't dispise me they just find me a bit eccentric.
O. Wilde

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