Library School Libraries

Here there were Library Science Libraries.

Once library school libraries were gathering places for future librarians and most colleges or universities with LIS programs had subject bibliographers for the field. There was a Discussion Group in the ALA Library Education Division that was active and even published the proceedings of an Institute on the Role of the Library School Library in Education for Librarianship, May 2-4, 1971. The group moved from LED to ACRL and changed its name to“Librarians and Information Science Discussion Group” in 1999. It is now called the ACRL Library and Information Science (LIS) Collections Discussion Group and has an electronic discussion list for librarians who work with LIS collections and/or serve users in the area of LIS.
The Columbia School of Library Service closed in 1990 but its holdings can be remembered through the Dictionary catalog of the library of the School of Library Service Columbia University, 1962 [ followed in 1976 by a four-volume supplement.] Those buckram beauties of bright red filled with catalog entries done at the Mother Church were the object of wonder to those of us studying library science in the hinterlands.
Now the largest LIS collection in the U.S., the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, has announced the end of its physical manifestation on May 15, 2009.

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