Hyperlinked History- The Video

When I first conceived the idea for Hyperlinked History and the whole Faceless Historian thing, I wanted it to be an online television show. At the very least I wanted to make an online documentary series with video, music, and the whole bit. So I shot a couple of test things and edited them together. Then I deleted that crap because it was terrible.

A year later, I have skills and equipment I didn't originally possess. So I'm excited to announce that Hyperlinked History will be moving into the realm of online video!

The opening of the show is available online as a sort of teaser/trailer and you'll be able to keep up with the programme both here on LISNews and on the Hyperlinked History site. Episodes should start going online around the end of August, so stay tuned!

Super-Hero Teachers and the Super-Power of Writing: Perfect Man

Perfect Man

If you are a parent or a teacher or a writer or a child, if you've had the gift of an extraordinary educator, if you've ever felt small, if you're prepared to have your heart swell with hope or you'd just enjoy a good laugh, get your hands on a copy of this unpredictable, heart-warming super-hero tale -- and then rise to its challenges to live life, exercise your strengths and recognize greatness in yourself and others.

You can listen in on our chat about this book on our Just One More Book! Children's Book Podcast.

Author: Troy Wilson (on JOMB)
Illustrator: Dean Griffiths (on JOMB)
Published: 2004 Orca Book Publishers (on JOMB)
ISBN: 1551434350

Looking for more inspiring teachers in children's books? Check out 100 Cool Teachers in Children's Literature on A Year of Reading (thanks to Franki, Mary Lee -- and to Tricia for the reminder).

The New, Tech-Savvy Librarian

People often picture librarians as the stiff, grey-haired stereotype wearing horned-rimmed glasses and a bun -- and shushing people. Many librarians, however, are on the cutting edge of the coolest of media tools. Today's librarians have embraced some incredible new technologies to spread a love of reading and to promote their craft.

Elizabeth Bird, or Betsy Bird, is one of a new generation of librarians. She has achieved a lot very early in her career including sitting on the Newbery award committee in 2006 and, following the success of Fuse #8, her own blog about children’s books, has become a blogger for the web edition of the popular print magazine School Library Journal. Betsy’s also been known to produce episodes of her Fuse#8 podcast.

Listen in as Mark Blevis of chats with New York Central Children's ultra hip Librarian, Betsy Bird.

Icfai University Journal of Library & Information Studies

Icfai University Press (India) is a leader in academic and research publishing wishes to launch the Icfai University Journal of Library & Information Studies as a platform for the academia, information practitioners, and others concerned with the growth of the Library & Information Studies discipline.
In this peer-reviewed Journal, we wish to publish original scientific papers, literature reviews and professional papers, as well as short reviews of the new books and e-resources and forthcoming meetings and workshops and training programs.

We, therefore invite you to contribute an article on any issue under the discipline Library and Information Studies and allied areas to make our endeavor a success.

Your articles may be mailed to

We look forward to your contributions.

With regards,

Research Associate
The Icfai University Journal of Library & Information Studies

Town Hall @ ALA Annual Relative To Concerns For President Obama

This popped up in the past couple hours on PNLA-L relative to ALA Midwinter in Denver later this month:

What Do Library Staff Want President Obama to Know: Special Membership
Town Hall Meeting
Saturday, Jan. 24, 3 PM to 4:30 PM

What library issues are most important to ALA members to share with
President Obama? The ALA Town Hall Meeting will discuss this topic on
Saturday, Jan. 24, 3 PM to 4:30 PM, in the Four Seasons Ballroom at the
Colorado Convention Center. Share your views at the Town Hall Discussion

corrected link:

What: Special Membership Town Hall Meeting
When: Saturday, 3 PM to 4:30 PM
Where: Four Seasons Ballroom at the Colorado Convention Center

Any Mid-Winter attendees planning on participating?

Podango situation update

As reported in the most recent regular edition of LISTen, podcast hosting provider Podango collapsed on New Year's Day. All that remained was a parking page. LISHost announced its response that same day.

It's here! The.Effing.Librarian in book form is here!

Click It To Buy It Filled with over 300 pages of effing goodness, the blog you love to read for free is now available in the dead tree format for $15.95.

$15.95? Is that all? For something I can get totally free otherwise? Wow, that's a bargain.

Edited very poorly by me, and quite possibly violating the copyrights of dozens of individuals and corporations, the.effing.librarian book is now ready for human consumption in a handy 5.25" x 8" format. Hold the.effing.librarian in your hands. Take the.effing.librarian to bed. Burn the.effing.librarian in a festive fire and get those chestnuts roasting.
Click the link below to read a sample of what you get:

Fame and Fortune and Other F Words_sample -- Read More

Books Make The Very Best Gifts

OK, you've determined you're going to try to buy books from your local independent booksellers...but now the question is...what are you going to buy?

The New York Times has a list of Notable Books from 2008 , and a list of list of Notable Books for Children from 2008.

You've got the list, you've bought the book(s), what now? Maybe some greeting cards that recycle into bookmarks to go along with it? Ah, the perfect combo. Mention birdie sent you, and you'll get free shipping on your order through the month of December.

Obnoxious Librarian Now Available as a Book

The obnoxious librarian from hades ( started out as a satiracal weblog telling the tales of a librarian working in a large bureaucracy.. and now it is available as a real book and e-book. You can buy the real book at a credit crisis adjusted price via or even download the e-book version for free!

Podcast-related stuff available

In case folks are not aware, there are some products available from the podcast team. Purchase of these products gives you something tangible while giving some us funding to cover costs like telecommunications.

This is the disc containing high-quality Ogg Vorbis format versions of the audio from BlogWorldExpo:

The price on the disc is USD$4.39 and does not include shipping. The podcast team only sees USD$0.99 as the overhead costs for media have increased slightly. The provider that you can order the disc through is a house that provides Linux distributions on-disc quite a bit. I've seen an example of their work when I bought a disc containing all the v3 installers and found it to be great.

There is a book the program's engineer produced in conjunction with an artist. The small book contains a variety of nudes. The book caters more to lovers of art and has been well received by art profs who have seen it. That is available at:

The list price for the print is $29.99 and that was set by the artist. If we got anything out of a sale, it would only be $5. The artist chose for the download price to be at a premium as he wants to encourage print materials over digital ephemera.

This is a printed collection of papers I have on file at E-LIS:

After the overhead costs of the item, we only get $3.98.

NPR has tote bags. PBS does auctions and fundraising drives. National Review Online is seeking money this week. While we don't have tote bags and the cost of fulfilling requests ourselves would be dwarfed by taxes, these are three ways we try to do much the same as bigger media outlets.

I'm not going to say anything like: "Buy These Now!" No, far from it. All I am going to say is that there are a variety of vendors that allow us to offer things and there hasn't been a consolidated list made up to date lately. These are some of things you might have missed, perhaps. -- Read More

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