Book Weight Dictates Kenai AK Library Design

Here's some Alaska library news that does NOT mention Governor Sarah Palin.

KENAI, AK — Almost anyone who’s ever picked up and changed their address knows that once the refrigerator and the hide-a-bed are in the moving van, the next items challenging the musculoskeletal features of the human body are the heavy boxes of books.

That same truth applies when answering why plans for the new public library expansion in Kenai do not include a basement. More from Newsminer.

Vehicle Crashes into California Library

What is it about libraries that attracts crashing cars?

A stolen car crashed into the south wall of the Al McCandless Library in Indio early today, police said.

Indio police responded at 12:51 a.m. to an alarm going off at the Riverside County library at 200 Civic Center Mall, said Ben Guitron of the Indio Police Department.

``We discovered there was a dark blue Honda Civic, which was incidentally also a reported stolen vehicle from two days prior,'' Guitron said. ``It had crashed into the south wall of the library.''

The Honda was still running, and Indio firefighters turned off the car, Guitron said. The perp got away after downing several bookcases.

St. Louis Library Needs Big Bucks for Renovation

Bizjournals: The City of St. Louis Municipal Library District board is looking for a new architect and has increased by 40 percent the estimated cost of the historic renovation project at 1301 Olive Street.

Financing is still in the development stage. Construction will cost $45 million, and $25 million will go toward interest, architectural fees, professional fees, reserves and contingencies. The 17-branch library system, which is funded by tax revenue, will seek a mixture of tax-exempt bonds, state and federal historic tax credits and grants, and New Markets Tax Credits. The system’s private foundation also will seek funding from individuals and corporations.

“We do face the challenge that this is a new competitor for private philanthropy in St. Louis, but I think when people are aware of what it is, civic pride will take over,” said Tom Schlafly, an attorney with Husch Blackwell Sanders, who is on the library board and co-chair of its foundation.

A very very big challenge, will it be met? Any LISNewsers from St. Louis and if so, what are your thoughts?

From Department Store to Library in West Texas

Things are a-changing in San Angelo.

Workers last week toppled the brick walls on the first floor of the Hemphill Wells Building, opening the interior to the elements and giving a glimpse into what the new library will look like when completed more than a year from now.

"It's quite different to look at," said Library Director Larry Justiss. "That came down fast. There was just a skin left after the asbestos people got through. A good wind could have blown it over." The library's designs call for a ground floor enclosed entirely in glass, though it will be a few more months before those working inside get any relief from the winter weather.

Construction work, delayed by the discovery of asbestos in the abandoned department store, began in earnest last month and is expected to continue until spring 2010.

Vermont Library Moves into the Twentieth Century

What's important in a library? Sometimes, it's not only the books, DVDs and computers...

The Roxbury VT Library, a beloved small-town gathering place since 1923, had no restrooms. When nature called, patrons young and old either had to hold it, do their business next door at the Roxbury Union Congregational Church or go home.

Never mind that the library has such modern conveniences as wireless Internet access. "I used to say `We're the Wi-Fi library without a pot to p--- in,'" said library director Susan D'Amico.

No more: a toilet was finally installed last Friday. Huffington Post.

Liverpool Expansion

BBC News Online has a brief report about expansion of the library at the University of Liverpool.

Another Ghostly Library

...this one in Glendale, CA.

According to legend, the Brand Library in Glendale is haunted. The building -- (pictured in this LA Times Blog in a vintage postcard)-- was completed in 1904 as the home of developer Leslie Coombs Brand, who lived -- and, on April 10, 1925, died -- there. Twenty-one years later it became a library, as his will had stipulated.

But something wasn't right with Brand; according to legend, it's his ghost that haunts the premises. Stories are passed on of a voice saying, "Joe" (or "Go!"), of a shadowy male figure ascending the stairs, of a presence in the tower, of the feeling, when standing near his portrait, of being watched.

Deja Vu All Over Again as Rains Drench Hawaii

It was the third time in four years that the library has suffered during fall rains. "It seems like every year around this time," said Kyle Hamada, conservation librarian at the University of Hawaii's Hamilton Library.

About a year ago, Hamilton Library suffered about $500,000 worth of damage when thousands of books and rare documents were wrecked by heavy rain.

This time, says a report from the Honolulu Advertiser, the flooding was apparently caused by repair work debris that clogged drain pipes. The library continues to recover from damage caused in 2004 during flooding on Halloween.

NYPL Main Library to Get a Redo

Norman Foster, the eminent British architect who has made something of a specialty out of inserting contemporary designs into historic buildings, has been selected for a major renovation of the New York Public Library’s landmark 1911 main building, on Fifth Avenue between 40th and 42nd Streets.

The firm, Foster & Partners will create a new circulation library in a space below the library’s Rose Reading Room and overlooking Bryant Park that now houses seven levels of stacks and a basement. “It’s the greatest project ever,” Mr. Foster said in a telephone interview on Wednesday. NYTimes reports.

The area, which now measures 1.25 million cubic feet, will be completely reconfigured, with new rooms for children and teenagers and numerous computer work stations. The stacks are to move to an existing three-acre storage area beneath Bryant Park that is also to be renovated. Work is expected to be completed by 2013.

From Old to New (with some old thrown in) In North Carolina

On the outside, the new Warren County (NC) Memorial Library on Warrenton's Front Street may look quiet, but inside, there is a rush of activity. That's because staff members and volunteers have been busy stocking shelves, setting up computer equipment and making sure everything is ready for the facility's grand opening on Saturday, Nov. 1.

"(Several) children and adults will bring their favorite book from the old library to the new library," Library Director Dr. Sue Loper said. "That will officially close the old library." Virginia North Carolina News has the story, and a photo of the library director along with a couple a good 'ol boys helping with the restoration of antique items from the old library.

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