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California School Library Media Centers and Academic Achievement

Jackie Siminitus sent in word on her California School Library Media Centers and Academic Achievement study [It\'s a PDF] on issues, trends, and network applications. This is the first year K12 school library media centers were the focus.
Academic Achievement was the #1 issue, and other issues include, funding, staffing, space, technology and development.

Public school libraries get an upgrade

Bob Cox sent along This One that says across the state of CA, school libraries are emerging from the dark
days, reaping the effects of four years of flush education budgets and voter-approved bond measures. This because the California public school system cut most of its librarians 20 years ago, and
let most of its libraries slip into obsolescence. The number of certified library media teachers statewide has grown from 942 to 1,387 since 1998, with Santa
Clara County alone nearly tripling its number to 86. The library credential program at San Jose State University
grew from 25 students six years ago to 200 today.

Kids check out refurbished Library

Bob Cox sent This One in from The Christian Science Monitor that says The presence of Laura Bush – a former
school librarian – in the White House has
meant a big boost in morale for school
librarians. Yet despite such positive steps, many
librarians are feeling grim about the future of
their field. School districts across the
country are suddenly finding themselves
cash-strapped, and there are already signs
that budget cuts will hit librarians hard this
It\'s a sad little summary of the bleak budgets most of us are facing.

A comparable replacement for a trained school librarian

Diane writes \"High school honor students and part-time aides would staff Lordstown (Ohio) schools two libraries next year under a plan to make up for the elimination of the district\'s only librarian. I guess since they are *honor* students, this is a comparable replacement.
Full Story

Here\'s the, uh, job description from the story:\'\'More or less, (they\'ll be) mentoring and reading to the younger students,\'\' Koch said. \'\'In order to keep the doors open and keep books from walking away.\'\'

School library ceiling collapses

Mark writes \"When school officials arrived Tuesday morning they found that part of the ceiling in the library had fallen. Since it happened overnight no one was hurt.

Full Story, With Picture.


Poor marks for Canadian school libraries has a Story that says The Americans understand the key role school libraries play
in learning. Why doesn\'t Canada?
Canadian politicians have evidently embraced standardized testing, but they seem troublingly indifferent to school libraries. Most provinces seem to regard them as a kind of discretionary item, easily sacrificed in the name of budget restraint.
Thanks to Bob Cox for the story!

Technology and the School Library: Epilogue

Jeffrey Hastings writes:

A few weeks ago I posted an essay entitled \"Technology and The School Library: Great Expectations and Unexpected Consequences.\"

An unexpected consequence followed. People actually read the lengthy and rambling article--both on LM_NET and here--and wrote me to thank me for telling a largely untold story about the state of the school librarianship. I heard from lots of them. They told me that my career retrospective was \"eerily familiar\" because, they said, it was essentially their story, too.

In the essay I talked about facing the decision to quit school librarianship and retreat into classroom teaching after having faced a series of disappointments over the last decade. Though I mentioned a number of challenges and obstacles, most related to how technology, which presents so much promise and so many potentials to our profession in theory, had, in fact, had an adverse impact on both my ability to teach and my \"brick and mortar\" school library operation in practice. -- Read More

Philadelphia School Librarians Fall Victim to Budget

steven bell writes \"Today\'s Philadelphia Inquirer reported that the deficit-ridden city school system will achieve savings by cutting librarian postitions at fourteen city schools, a continuation of a long-term demise of the profession librarian in the Philadelphia School District. Most of the schools will keep the library open with minimal or no staffing. Read the Story
Also take a look at a worthwhile view of the situation by Lucia Herndon, an Inquirer columnist:
Right Here \"

Canada\'s School libraries in a miserable state

Bob Cox sent along This Globe & Mail Story that quotes national librarian Roch Carrier as saying \"I was flabbergasted by the miserable state of our school libraries,\" after touring the country\'s book repositories large and small.

\"I saw beautiful ones, but I saw school libraries closed 50 per cent of the time, I saw school libraries that served 10,000 students, I saw libraries with no new books in the last 10 years. ... In Canada, it\'s happening. It doesn\'t make sense.\"

Plagiarizers Beware

Genie from over at passed along This SFGate Story on and other sites that check students work for authenticity.

\"Of the papers we\'ve reviewed, about 30 percent are sent back with more than 50 percent of the paper underlined,\" says John Barrie, one of the site\'s founders. \"That leaves a lot of students with some explaining to do.\"

Suprised it\'s so low?

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