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Fun video we'd like to share

Wake County Public Libraries has created a stop motion animation, Read: The Motion Picture: Not only is this a fun short video, but we are offering to edit the ending so it can be used by your library! If any librarians are interested in having the video custom edited for their library, contact our Digital Library department at

WI Library Prepared For Inquiring Reporters After Ryan Picked For VP

For most residents of Janesville, Wis., the selection of Paul Ryan as Mitt Romney's running mate was a story of a life-long local resident making good. For the librarians of Janesville, it meant getting ready for a steady steam of political reporters who came knocking on their door.
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Pranksters rearrange books stack furniture in pair library break-ins

Kids in Orleans County sometimes complain there’s little to do in the Northeast Kingdom, but police say a few turned to midnight mischief at two public libraries and a Town Hall to help pass the time.

Books were rearranged. Furniture was piled almost to the ceiling. A needed date stamp went missing.
“The children’s books were moved to the adult section. The adult books were moved into the children’s room. They just took handfuls of books and were just shelving them,” Eubanks said about the May mischief at the Glover library. She said chairs and tables were stacked at Town Hall that night, too.

Libraries to try buying e-books directly

Starting this fall, the 220-member library cooperative Califa Library Group will begin rolling out a $325,000 project with the goal of buying from the smaller publishing companies thousands of e-books that the libraries will own forever. San Francisco and most other libraries lease their collection through OverDrive, a digital distribution company.

Trust me, I'm a Librarian.

A survey (conducted by Public Libraries Information Offer, hmmm) says, "Internet users trust library staff more than most other providers of online support and information, and public library staff are second only to doctors in terms of the trust placed in them by seekers of information."

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Conneaut Public Library Purchases Inflatable Movie Screen

Mark Todd writing in The Star Beacon notes that the Conneaut Public Library in extreme northeastern Ohio has purchased an inflatable movie screen for showing films. Test runs have taken place away from the library's location.

A How-to For eBooks

Residents learned how to download e-books inside the Digital Bookmobile on Wednesday at the William K. Sanford Library in Colonie (near Albany NY). The 74-foot vehicle, which will be at the East Greenbush Community Library on Thursday, is on a nationwide tour to demonstrate broadband Internet-connected PCs, premium sound systems, and a variety of portable media players, all of which help visitors explore the library ebook download service.

Elvis Has Left The Building

...the Humes High School Library in Memphis, that is... with his library book, "The Courageous Heart: A Life of Andrew Jackson For Young Readers".

The circ card with 13-year old Elvis Presley's signature is going for more than $3,500 when it goes on sale on August 14.

Taking the public library service model a step further: teaching digital literacy

The public library in Bristol, TN/VA, has teachers on staff to instruct patrons one-on-one in digital literacy. Can this be a model for re-purposing public libraries?

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Panic Buttons @ Your Library?

Cook Memorial Public Library District (IL) officials may purchase panic buttons for employees reports the Daily Herald. Library Director Stephen Kershner said he began thinking about upgrading security after the Cook Park Library in Libertyville was expanded and the Aspen Drive Library in Vernon Hills Library was built. Those projects were completed last year. Libraries are open places where hundreds of people come and go every day, Kershner said, and some visitors can be dangerous. “At my first library job, we had encounters that turned violent,” Kershner recalled. “There are safety considerations because we’re open buildings.” The buttons likely would be wireless and could be placed at high-profile spots such as the reference or circulation desks, Kershner said. They often look like garage-door openers. If a librarian were to activate one, an alarm would be sent to the district’s security company and to police, Kershner said.

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