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Council Considers Replacing Tacoma Libraries with Mail-order Model

A Tacmoa, WA councilman wants to eliminate libraries, or rather, make one, all-serving library, which means the result would be the same; no libraries. To him, libraries are relics. Dinosaurs. Totally irrelevant. \"To Councilman Phelps, the growth of the Internet and the home computer means libraries needn\'t be places, but systems. Fewer libraries could manage data and deliver books via the mail. Poor people who want to visit could be given bus passes. He envisions just one library - a fancy new model downtown that might even attract tourists.\" Read More.

Saskatoon librarians serve strike notice

From The Saskatoon StarPhoenix:

Saskatoon public library workers gave 48-hour strike notice Monday and will start job action Wednesday with a noon-hour rally at City Hall.

The move came after members of the Canadian Union of Public Employees rejected the library board\'s offer of four per cent increases for each year in a two-year contract, said union local president Gwen Thomson . . .

The union is demanding a pay equity plan to eliminate gender-based wage discrimination, Thomson said.

Complete article.

Library Director Should Share the Wealth

The following is a letter to the editor that appeared in the Akron (OH) Beacon Journal. It\'s about the library Board\'s desire to \"keep\" the current director in place, rather than see him go away. They offered him a huge raise (he earns well over six figures) and they guaranteed him a 5% raise each year for the next several years in addition to a $72K retirement bonus. The staff, it appears weren\'t so lucky. They\'ve had their raises slashed, their benefit costs increased and have no retirement or guarantee of an annual raise. The board\'s decision doesn\'t seem to be a real popular one. It\'s all the buzz around the state listservs. Read It.

Historic books \'sold to plug budget gaps\'

The Great And Powerful Steven M Cohen sent on over This One From Australia that says The NSW Parliament is being accused of using money raised from the sale of almost 3500 historic books to plug gaps in its budget rather than spend it on preserving rare books and documents.
The Parliamentary librarian faces possible disciplinary action over \"alleged irregularities\" in the sale, but claims he is the target of a personal vendetta and has done nothing wrong.

The Crumbling Intellectual Foundation

Bob writes \"This article at the Chronicle of Higher Education talks about the real effects of lack of funding in academe.

\"The campus is going to have to help us decide what they want in a library. We won\'t be able to serve everyone.\"

You\'ll need a subscription to read this one, be sure to get your hands on a copy and read this!

\"We tend to not honor scholars right now,\" he says. \"We honor people who risk their lives or make enormous profits or invent gadgets that are useful. ... But for whatever reason, knowledge for knowledge\'s sake doesn\'t have much currency.\"

From Section: Special Report
Volume 49, Issue 4, Page A10

UIS denies ‘looting’ budget of library/museum

An Interesting Story from Illinois that says Chicago Sun-Times columnist Steve Neal wrote that the UIS appropriation is part of a scheme by Robert Newtson, chief of staff to Gov. George Ryan, to “plunder the library’s ... operating funds” for Newtson’s benefit.
A university spokeswoman said those charges are unfounded.

Spend Your Moneys Well

SomeOne writes \"A Story From Liverpool says hundreds of complaints were made against Liverpool\'s libraries last year despite massive investment, And although £1.3m was invested in 2000/01, an increase of £700,000 on 1998/99, the number of books has dropped.

There are now 240 fewer books per 1,000 people than four years ago.

But recent research from the Liverpool Citizen\'s Panel showed that only 44% of people wanted computers and the Internet in the city\'s libraries, compared to 86% who thought books were more important.\"

Library Planned Major Projects Ahead of Looming Budget Cuts

Before state budget cuts took place in Ohio, the Public Library of Cincinnati & Hamilton County had begun some costly projects. According to the article, \"The library\'s funding crisis has been more than a year in the making ... During that year, the library embarked on ambitious capital projects in Harrison, Clifton and Reading, gave librarians across-the-board raises of 3 percent (and almost 6 percent for top staff), and otherwise continued operating with little outward sign of the financial troubles ahead.\" Read More.

More Ohio Libraries Hit with Big Budget Cuts

The Wheeling News Register is reporting on libraries in Belmont County Ohio being forced to cut service hours and collections due to big budget cuts. They\'ve also been forced to initiate a hiring freeze. Read More.

Patronage Rises as Funding for Ohio Libraries Shrinks

Ohio libraries have experienced an 8% decrease in funding within the past year, but more patrons are visiting libraries than before. In some cases, patrons are making quite a bit of noise about it. But, is it enough? Read More. [may require free registration].

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