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LISTen: An Podcast -- Episode #122

This week's episode is not graced by that man of mystery, Blake Carver. In lieu thereof we check the zeitgeist for stories AND blog posts, bring an essay about the comments debate on-site, and a quick news miscellany.

Eventually Blake will be making an appearance. We're working on it.

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That other project Erie Looking Productions is working on that isn't LIS-related...

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On giving up on commenting, or commenting anonymously

This is only appearing here, not in my real blog, because it's entirely about an aspect of LISNews that I believe has reached FAIL! stage. To wit, commenting.

I just checked articles with comments over the past couple of days--34 comments in all. Of those, exactly five were clearly signed (three by me, two each by two other people) and two more were pseudonymous. The rest--27, or nearly 80% of the total--were anonymous. (Oops. Now it's 28 of 35, or exactly 80% of the total.)

And one of mine only appeared because somebody else found it convenient to attack me by name for the content of my comment. Whereas you can't possibly attack Anonymous by name--after all, they're anonymous.

Screw it. If FriendFeed conversations were 80% anonymous, I'd get the hell off of FF. As it is, I'm learning my lesson: Join the faceless, irresponsible crowd--either don't comment on LISNews posts at all or make sure I've logged out first, so the comments are anonymous.

Too bad. There used to be some worthwhile conversations here, but when nearly all the participants are hiding behind namelessness, the conversations go bad.

Who the Heck is This Birdie Person?

I love contributing to LISNews, it's sort of my hobby (would-be journalist) and Blake is the best to work with.

If you want to find out a bit more about me and my business In My Book (great for the Friends of the Library Shop )
you might want to listen to my recent radio interview on WOR-AM (13 minutes more or less):

I'm confused.. No essays for the contest?

I just checked the link, but I don't see any new essays for this month's contest... are their submissions but I'm checking the wrong link?

I just can believe that with all the discussions we've had about so many issues, not one person has had the time to put 250 words together on something... pedophiles, gay book bans, ebooks, the death of print, monkeys wearing people clothes, the ümlaut, overripe fruit in the book drop,...

frankly, I didn't submit anything because I respect this site too much to load it with more of my crap... but for the rest of you, what's your excuse?

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