LISTen: An Podcast -- Episode #111

First we have a word from producer Gloria Kellat:

Folks! The team behind LISTen is getting set to bring you a print supplement to LISNews. Would you like to immortalize yourself in the very first LISNews Bulletin? Since we are trying to raise capital to cover printing costs so that we can give out the Bulletin as a free market test at Computers in Libraries 2010, we are putting together a patrons page. For USD$10 you can be listed as a supporter of an offline counterpart to LISNews. With just 10 patrons we can have 70-100 copies of the Bulletin to give out at Computers in Libraries 2010. For more details please contact me at before April 1st and make sure you put "Patron Page" on the subject line.

And now back to the regularly scheduled show post...

Recognizing that Health Care Reform is dominating the news in North America and squeezing out other news channels, we have a miscellany this week in addition to leaking more details about what this LISNews Bulletin is envisioned to be.

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9:44 minutes (7.81 MB)

Brand New Campaign: Save Libraries

Something we all care about has become a website, a facebook page and a twitter campaign, Save Libraries, organized by librarian Lori Reed.

LISHost is proud to host the new website; here's the facebook page and the twitter hashtag is #savelibraries. How many hits on twitter??? Check out

Now get out there and spread the word!! More info to come shortly.

Celebrating Our Own / LISNews Author Andy W's a Mover & Shaker

Congratulations Andy!!!! From Library Journal:

Flavor of the Month Move over, Cherry Garcia. If Andy Woodworth has his way, the next hot Ben & Jerry's flavor could be Gooey Decimal System.

The 32-year-old adult services librarian at Bordentown Library, NJ, Woodworth is creator of “People for a Library Themed Ben & Jerry's Flavor” a Facebook group he started in June 2009 that's mushroomed to more than 8000 members and quickly gained international media and blogging attention. (It's been picked up by Andrew Sullivan's Daily Dish, The New Yorker's The Book Bench blog, Britain's The Guardian, and even the United Arab Emirates newspaper, The National.)

But don't be fooled. Woodworth's project has a hidden agenda—it's part of a multipronged advocacy effort to get libraries noticed, appreciated, and funded.

I don't care what the name of the winning flavor is...but it's GOT TO have chocolate.

LISTen: An Podcast -- Episode #110

This week's podcast took a different operational stance in recording. Instead of the usual cassette deck, we shifted instead to a reel-to-reel system:

Special Rigging for LISTen 110

If you click the picture above you can see a larger version of that snapshot. The computer pictured functioned essentially as an overgrown cart machine. This week's episode was recorded on a 1978 TEAC 3340S deck at 7.5 ips on normal bias. The other deck we were working with was intended to give more of a 1970's audio vibe but the recorded results sounded like chipmunks on a methamphetamine binge.

News was slow this week and budget constraints dictated that South by Southwest Interactive was not happening for the air staff. A miscellany is presented as well as a zeitgeist review.

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6:39 minutes (7.62 MB)

LISTen: An Podcast -- Episode #109

This week's episode brings word of a developing story relative to the logistics back-end to interlibrary loans in the United States as well as discussion of the digital divide from a practical perspective. The BBC World Service is used as the example in the essay.

14:20 minutes (5.75 MB)

Librarian Essay Contest: 22 Essays in 28 Days

We received 22 essays last month in our librarian essay contest. I'll call this experiment a complete success. The most read essays show well over 2,000 hits (though we don't really know how many people read each essay). Our panel of expert judges will now begin the difficult task of picking the 3 winners. You can help by registering a vote on each essay you've read. I'll announce the winners within a week or two. Thanks to everyone who submitted their work!
Use the tracker page for a quick overview of all the essays:

LISTen: An Podcast -- Episode #108

This week Stephen moved away from the microphone as long-time engineer Mike Kellat took charge instead. This episode has a zeitgeist recap and talks briefly about the situation post-earthquake in Chile. Practical suggestions are offered as to worthwhile avenues of action by concerned library personnel.

In addition to the audio program an attempt was made to reformat one of the segments of LISTen 107 as an animation bit.

5:17 minutes (7.25 MB)


Budget cuts seem the order of the day, this article in the Thursday edition of the Columbia Spectator gives librarians another grim look of what is ahead. Unfortunately, with state budgets still taking losses it looks like we could have to get used to more cutbacks in services, materials and staff.

Recession forces New York City libraries to check out early

Unfortuantely, there is more bad news, this story posted on the 24th and speaks again about the drastic cuts that most librarians will see this year and possibly over the next two years.
Recession forces New York City libraries to check out early
The New York Public Library announced in early February that it would reduce hours at two-thirds of its 87 locations, the most drastic change made since 2001 in the aftermath of Sept. 11, 2001, according to NYPL administrators. Put into effect on Feb. 16, this reduction comes on the heels of a $5.9 million mid-year cut for Fiscal Year 2010.

Announcing The LISNews Librarian Joke Contest

As the LISNews Librarian Essay Contest winds down it seems like a good time to formally announce the LISNews Librian Joke Contest! We won't judge each joke, but anyone who submits a joke will be entered to win some cool prizes.

From and ...a set of four Needle and ThREAD: Stitching for Literacy cross stitch bookmark patterns, including two designed from the old chicken-and-frog library joke. You know, a chicken walks into a library and says, "book, Book, BOOK!" (you gotta say it like a chicken), so the librarian gives her a book. The chicken takes the book outside and down to a pond where a frog sits on a lily pad and croaks, "read-it, read-it" (that's right, say it like a frog).

Book Marks from
Web Hosting from

You'll want to submit your joke(s) HERE starting on MONDAY.

Follow along on the tracker page ( or RSS feed (

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