10 Librarian Blogs To Read in 2010

10 Librarian Blogs To Read in 2010
I started the "10 Blogs To Read This Year" 4 years ago to help highlight people writing in the many different areas of librarianship. Those people who are doing some of the most interesting and original writing on the web. Each year we've attempted to gather a group of librarians whose writing helps increase our understanding of the profession and it's place in our rapidly changing world. Again this year we tried to choose 10 writers who cover very different aspects of our profession, 10 sites that inform, educate and maybe amuse. By following these blogs I think you'll find something new to read, and a place to gain better understanding of a part of librarianship that's outside of your normal area. We all have much to learn from each other, and these bloggers are working hard to share their knowledge and understanding with you. Read on below to see why each site made the list, and why there's an honorable mention this year. This year I also made an OPML File for your reader. Here's the list in alphabetical order:

  1. Academic Librarian (Feed)
  2. Awful Library Books (Feed)
  3. The Best Of PubLib (Feed)
  4. Disruptive Library Technology Jester (Feed)
  5. Everybody's Libraries (Feed)
  6. The Library History Buff (Feed)
  7. Library Garden (Feed)
  8. The Merry Librarian (Feed)
  9. The 'M' Word - Marketing Libraries (Feed)
  10. Walt at Random (Feed)

Honorable Mention:
Agnostic, Maybe (Feed)
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LISTen: An Podcast -- Episode #101

(Yes, the air staff knows the episode is earlier than usual. We have our reasons...)

This week's episode is the first one for 2010. In this episode we discuss why LISTen will not be at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas yet again and also get into a miscellany of briefs from allied fields. Unusually enough a musical number performed by a member of the board of directors of the Guitar Society of Las Vegas, Erie Looking Productions western engineer Mike Kellat, is also included in this episode.

Related links:
Discussion of the TWiT Network presence at CES 2010
ALA Mid-Winter 2010
Matt Asay talking about Canonical & focus
Alan Pope on an Ubuntu sighting on Doctor Who
Virginia Postrel on media company exploitation of workers
Radio New Zealand National on French anti-piracy efforts relative to the Internet
The Register discussing the French agency known as HADOPI
The Digital Economy Bill before the United Kingdom Parliament presently
Section 44 of the Digital Economy Bill relative to UK public lending right and how library loans of books will be codified as not being copyright infringments
The Register on UK ISP rage over the Digital Economy Bill relaying Agence France-Press about electricity rationing in Venezuela
Information about the Guitar Society of Las Vegas

14:36 minutes (5.85 MB)

No New Year's Eve Special For LISTen

Although it might be sought by some, it must be noted that there is no special episode of LISTen: An Podcast to be released for New Year's Eve let alone New Year's Day. With the new year ringing in so late in the week, we do not want to cannibalize available material for the next regular episode. The next episode will be released according to the normal schedule and should be released on or near 0400 UTC on January 4th.

In the meantime, you can still listen to the most recent episode.

New Tech Toy To Play With

If you are one of the proud few librarians hanging out on Identica, something new has been created. Beyond the main feed having its story titles posted to a feed there, a group for discussion has been created. Unlike Twitter which has to have this bolted on from third party providers like Twibes, Identica provides group functionality in house.

A group for story discussion and the like was created earlier. You can learn about the nascent group here: To post so that the whole group sees it, you need merely add any of the following to your post: !lisnewsterz, !bibliomicroblog, !lischat. Such means you can see relevant discussion without having to subscribe to three million people of diverging interests simultaneously. To sign up to see posts, go to the group page and hit join.

This is a tech powertoy for folks to play with over vacation time. This Identica functionality does not have a two-way bridge with Twitter at this time. Identica natively accepts posts via e-mail, XMPP, curl, web, and more than a few mainstream desktop clients.

If you are not a user of Identica already, visit their sign-up page.

Not Quite Yet LISTen 100

This week's post is not an episode but rather a service message from the eastern engineer, Gloria Kellat.

1:59 minutes (2.73 MB)

LISTen: An Podcast -- Episode #99

This week's episode is a bit odd. The eastern engineer has taken to the microphone in place of the head writer to open and close the episode. A year in review chat with the owner of LISNews, Blake Carver, is presented.

Related links:
Script to this week's installment of Profile America
First referenced post that attracted significant non-LIS attention
The controversial flowchart that has garnered significant attention
Books by Walt Crawford available via Lulu
The LISNews Summer Series 2009 book is available at The Internet Archive and Lulu
The site of Jessamyn West
The LISNews "contact us" form
What the show's head writer left Twitter for
The LISNews notice feed on

23:21 minutes (8 MB)

How Much Traffic Can A Link From LISNews Bring?

Allow me to brag just a little (again). I asked over the the LSW Friendfeed Group about LISNews and Iris posted a neat graphic and comment:

"Here's what happened to my stats when you linked to one of my posts recently:"

LISNews Brings The Rain

I had previously bragged about our "Blogs To Read In..." list, it's usually one of the most read stories of the year. It produced a similar spike in traffic for a blog, but I'm actually surprised how much of a jump The Pegasus Librarian saw from our link last month.

Happy 10th Birthday LISNews!

I almost forgot! 10 years ago today I brought LISNews online. If you've been around for awhile you already know the rest of the story, if not, I'll spare you the details.

I can't possibly thank everyone who has helped LISNews over the past 10 years. Steve Glabraith, Steven M Cohen & Nabeal Ahmed, were all instrumental in helping me when I needed it most, during the early years, as was Ieleene, Aaron, Rochelle, and a few other authors who helped out for awhile and moved on. Behind the scenes Joe Frazee helped me get the original LISNews server up and running. Over the years a few dedicated souls have tirelessly submitted stories; Martin, Lee Hadden, Charles Davis, and many others. Stephen for the podcast, Robin, Troy, Andy, Dan and all the LISNews authors deserve a big thank you and a pat on the back for all their hard work. LISNews is a collaboritve site, and we all work together to make it great.

I'd like to thank everyone who has ever chipped in to pay for the server, submitted a story, wrote in their journal, left a comment, or just dropped by for a visit.

Happy Birthday LISNews. Here's hoping we have a few more good years ahead of us!

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