Using LISNews As A Feed Reader

I'm slowly but surely whipping the new slashcode into shape. The new server is another story, but at least it seems more or less stable now.
It's now possible to add headlines from other sites to the LISNews homepage you seen when you're logged in. It's a very limited list at the moment, but just Let Me Know what other sites you'd like to see and I'll be happy to add them.
Here's a quick how-to:

Click on the Change Homepage link over on the left side navigation. Down at the bottom, you should see a section called "Customize Slashboxes" Make sure "Use Slashboxes" is checked, and then just add whatever boxes you'd like. There's only a few right now (in no particular order): The ALA TechSource Blog , The Library Journal Tech Blog, Steven M Cohen's Library Stuff, Walt at Random and Tame The Web. It takes a while to add a new feed, but I'll be happy to add anything that is Requested.

Mysterious Search Engines Web Almost Saves the Day

search-engines-web writes "Hello1st option: The links will take you to the correct pagejust take out the google headers----------------------------------2nd option:if anyone has it in their temporary files - do not reload - just open the temp files in the browser and copy and paste the Lisnews (com or org) index.html into a anoter directory - open the your brower - view source and copy"

Yup, it's November 23rd again

Something happened (it's a long story) to one of the drives on the LISNews server, the most recent backup that survived was from November 23rd. Yes, I'm having a bad day.

We Got Bugs!

There's about a million things wrong with the "New & Improved" LISNews. At this point all I can say is I have a list, it's growing, and I'll get things fixed when I can. BUT, please feel free to add to my list below; I'll get your bug fixed right away if it's important, and sooner or later if it's not. -- Read More

The New LISNews

I am about 80% sure is running at this point. This is a good thing, because I really needed this done before Wednesday. But it's bad because I'm not sure I'll be able to move ANYTHING from the old server to this one from this point forward.In other words, anything you do there ( might not make it here to the new server.

So you might want to not post to your journal, and not post any stories, and not leave any comments you want to see again (on the old site).

Please do post, comment and poke around here, and let me know when you spot problems.

I'll write more later on Moday as time allows.

The New (Hopefully) Improved LISNews

Seems to be more or less running at this point.

Happy Birthday LISNews!

I almost forgot! 'Twas 6 years ago today LISNews first appeared on the web. If you've been around for awhile you already know the rest of the story, if not, I'll spare you the details.

I can't possibly thank everyone who has helped LISNews over the past 6 years. Steve Glabraith, Steven M Cohen & Nabeal Ahmed, were all instrumental in helping me when I needed it most, during the early years, as was Ieleene, and a few other authors who helped out for awhile and moved on. Behind the scenes Joe Frazee helped me get the server up and running. Over the years a few dedicated souls have tireless submitted stories. Bob Cox, Reg Aubry, Lee Hadden, Charles Davis, and even the mysterious Search-Engines-Web. All the LISNews authors deserve a big thank you and a pat on the back for all their hard work. LISNews is a collaboritve site,

I had hoped we'd be running on a new server and a new version of Slashcode, but as the new saying goes, Life Trumps Blogging, or in this case, life trumps programming and systems administration.

LISNews is a collaborative site, and I'd like to thank everyone who has ever chipped in to pay for the server, submitted a story, wrote in their journal, left a comment, or just dropped by for a visit. Because it's a community effort, my life never trumps LISNews.

Happy Birthday LISNews. Here's to hoping we have a few more good years ahead of us!

New & Improved: LISNews RSS Feeds

I made what I hope are some improvements to the main LISNews feed (lisnews.rss) and to the journals feed. If you spot any problems let me know, I'll be working on the other feeds as I have time as well.
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Updated LISNews RSS/XML Feeds

I've finally cleaned up the Feeds Page and added some descriptions for each feed.
LISNews spits out a feed for every need, so fire up your aggregators and be sure your subscribed to at least one.

A Feed of the latest comments:

This feed includes all the stories posted, along with the intro text. The dirty version is more prone to breaking because it isn't scrubbed of illegal


Three versions of what shows up on just the home page:

The latest Journal Posts:

A feed made up of various news that is of interst to librarians. Pulls from just a few topics:

The main feed, also the oldest feed and most popular. When in doubt, use this one:

Three versions of the main Slashcode feed:

Just the most popular stories:

Stories that focus on books & publishing:

Some basic stats:

LISNews has many sections that focus on a single area of librarianship. Each section has a feed:
The College & Academic Section:

The Articles:

The Books Section:

The Features(Not used much):

News For Library Nerds:

Harry Potter's Section:

The Interviews Section:

The Librarians Book Club:

School Libraries News:

The Movies Section:

The Politics Section:

The Public Library News Section:

Bill Drew's Wireless Section:

LISNews and Blake praised by Open Stacks Radio

LISNews was proclaimed as a must-read site by Greg Schwartz during his Computers in Libraries recap show from Open Stacks. Greg also mentioned that it was great to finally meet Blake. Blake has a good radio voice, btw.

If you haven't checked out Greg's show and you're audio inclined, please give a listen. He's great even when he's not plugging our community!

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