A librarian\'s love for children and books

The Miami Herald has this article about a childrens librarian who has had a huge impact on the children she serves.
\"As the head children\'s librarian at the Helen B. Hoffman Library in Plantation, Ostendorf, also known as ``Miss Miki,\'\' has been a bright light for children and families who say she has a way of making young people feel at home and excited about reading.

``I love the library, and I love Miki, too,\'\' said Eileen Hanley, who visits the library with her children Katherine, 4, and Allison, 2. ``She knows each of the kids by name.\'\' -- Read More

New Roles for Reference Librarians

Gregory V. McClay Wrote:

Here\'s what we do and what we have always done:
We help people access appropriate information as quickly and effectively as possible.
Here\'s what we used to use.... Books
Here\'s what we use now.... Books and Computers
Information used to come in .... Books and Periodicals
Information now comes in .... Books, Periodicals, Audio, Video, Computers
Nothing has changed but our options. We do the same thing. A patron asks a question. Depending on the type of information and the time available for the patron we access the materials that will best answer the question in the time allowed. -- Read More

Librarians go beyond the call of duty

The Sun Herald has this positive column on reference librarians.
\"When I started my professional career as a librarian, it was as a reference librarian. The motto of a reference librarian is that there is no such thing as a stupid question. If you need to know an answer, reference librarians will move heaven and earth to try and find that information.\" -- Read More

librarian receives cash awards after book controversy

from Zwire on a media
specialist recently received the Intellectual Freedom Award,
given by the Iowa Educational Media Association. She chaired
the Fairfield Community School District\'s Reconsideration
Board during the 1998-99 school year, when parent Nancy
Hesseltine challenged the placement of the book, \"Am I Blue?
Coming Out From the Silence.\" -- Read More

Privacy and Librarians

Thomas J. Hennen Jr. writes \"The Washington Post talks about the 10th Conference on Computers, Freedom and Privacy saying, \"Neal Stephenson, a revered figure among the techie set for such works as \"Snow Crash\" and \"Cryptonomicon\" – books infused not just with science and technology, but also with wit and insightful social commentary.\" The whole story is at:

Today\'s technology cover story on titled \"The Twilight of the Cryptogeeks\" mentions that \"Librarians everywhere\" were given an EFF Pioneer award.

The message: Privacy? Big Brother? Get over it.

It was a heretical point to make at the conference – known as CFP – which has long been the kind of place where online counterculture, cyber-cops and corporate suits all come together to discuss such issues as encryption, the First Amendment and hacking. Earlier in the day, attendees had heard a presentation by Commissioner Mozelle W. Thompson of the privacy-minded Federal Trade Commission; she spoke after a session entitled \"Privacy Commissioners: Powermongers, Pragmatists or Patsies?\"
The whole story is at:


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Your PERMANENT record

Thomas J. Hennen Jr. writes: Those of us in Catholic grade schools of the 1950\'s know the terror that nuns induced with: \"That, young man, will be on your PERMANENT RECORD!\" Sister would record it and send it to the \"permanent record place\" at the parish, then it would go to the archdiosese and then, perhaps, ever and anon, to Vatican City by diplomatic pouch. :-)

Is that COLD terror or what? Makes you think about privacy, no?

The report, released April 10 is, according to their press release, the most comprehensive online privacy research effort to date, covers 30,000 Web site privacy policies over nine months and across all domains. rates the sites\' policies from 0 to 4 stars, based a site\'s privacy policy regarding release of personally identifiable information. -- Read More

Librarians everywhere WIN EFF Pioneer Award

Andy Breeding writes \"Today\'s technology cover story on titled \"The Twilight of the Cryptogeeks\" mentions that \"Librarians everywhere\" were given an EFF Pioneer award.

Be sure to Check it out.

\"Whitfield Diffie bounds to the platform, He stands now before the audience with his neat gray beard, shoulder-length blond hair and sudden uncontained enthusiasm. \"Librarians!\" he exclaims. \"I\'m thrilled with this award.\" -- Read More

A look at the secret lives of librarians

The Daily Southtown in Chicago has This Great Article that is a series of interviews with local librarians. A nice look at the librarian of the 00\'s,


Lose the image of the hair up in a bun. Old Maid is just another card game to them, and some actually have tattoos and wear more than two earrings. Librarians throughout the Southland say they have plenty of passion, too — not for the discipline of tidy bookshelves and silent facilities, but for books and all the things that go along with reading and learning.P.S. Some are even male.\" -- Read More

Ex-librarian sentenced

\"The Post Gazette in Florida has this on a naughty librarian.

Dorothy \"Dot\" Corbett pleaded guilty yesterday to stealing more than $51,000 from the Bethel Park Library where she had been the director.
Allegheny County Common Pleas Judge Kathleen A. Durkin ordered Corbett to make restitution to the library, but she already paid back the money in two payments last year.
Corbett disappeared in February 1999. She fled to Jacksonville, Fla., prompting an investigation that discovered more than $37,000 was missing from two of the library\'s accounts. -- Read More

What do you call a woman who has a black belt in karate?

MSNBC has an interseting write up on a librarian from OK.

“I knew what I wanted to do when I graduated from Braggs High School,” Donelson said. “At Braggs, our library was a tiny little room and I’d already gone through all the books before I graduated. We had our 30th reunion recently, and no one was surprised at what I went into. The karate part is what they found a little difficult to believe. I didn’t know if I was in the right class. They were all talking grandchildren and I was talking about my karate class.” -- Read More

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