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Tears for Fears in the Library: A Little Friday Afternoon Entertainment

Here's a little something to help us all get through the day to the weekend! The subject line reads "Ever wish songs just sang what was happening in the music video? Well now they do, in this second installment of literal videos! Lyrics/singing: Dustin McLean Voices: Jonah Ray, Priscilla McLean"

This one features Tears for Fears in an environment we all know very well.

Happy Friday Everyone!

Oh My Librarian, She Showed It To Me, and then She Did It With Me

Here's the Librarian Song, performed by Joe Uveges at the 'When Freedom Calls' concert on November 2, 2007 in Colorado Springs.

Thanks Ken Fujiuchi of New York Library Association for the tip.

Brush Up on Your Social Networking People

From Social Signal, a sign of the times (thanks to David Lee King for the suggestion).

Mo. family Christmas photo turns up in Czech ad

It's an international mystery: How did a Missouri family's Christmas card photo end up in the Czech Republic, splashed across a huge storefront advertisement? Danielle Smith said Wednesday that the photo taken of her family last year got sent to family and friends, and was posted on her blog and a few social networking sites. The photo showed her and her husband Jeff holding their two young children.

About 10 days ago, one of Smith's college friends was driving through Prague when he spotted their huge smiling faces in the window of a store specializing in European food. He snapped a few pictures and sent them to a flabbergasted Smith.

Full story here.

Ann Hodgman's All-Purpose Book Club Discussion Questions ("Shouts & Murmurs")

Though Hodgman introduces her Book Club Discussion Questions in this week's New Yorker as "discussion points for members who have not read this month’s book," I believe they'll stimulate lively discussion even among prepared book club members. They also make the most hilarious book-related piece of writing I've seen since John Crace's digested read of Jodi Picoult's Handle with Care.

Everyone Poops: The Film Adaptation (trailer)

Inspired by the recently-released trailer for Spike Jonze's upcoming
film adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are, Landline TV has adapted another children's classic in this Jonze-spoofing trailer.

Make Your Own Buzzword Bingo

Raena Jackson-Armitage at Sitepoint in Melbourne posted a unique tutorial in coding PHP. Raena's post discussed how to build your own "Buzzword Bingo" card using PHP. The inventive discussion can be found on the Sitepoint blog.

A Library Parody of "Downtown"?

Students at the University of Pennsylvania produced an open-captioned parody of the song popularized by Paula Petula Clark entitled "Downtown". In this instance they sing the praises of the Weigle Information Commons instead. Video is available online from the library.

That Movie You Got From Netflix That You Haven't Watched? It's Really Angry.

That Movie You Got From Netflix That You Haven't Watched? It's Really Angry.

Video and place for commentary at NPR.

Political Life Imitates, Well Not Art, but The Onion

The folks at Boingboing have unearthed an uncannily topical story from a 1993 issue of The Onion.

"The Onion has a preposterous fake story about a character named Roy the Forklift driver becoming a media darling of the conservative movement. "

Aren't archives grand?

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