That Movie You Got From Netflix That You Haven't Watched? It's Really Angry.

That Movie You Got From Netflix That You Haven't Watched? It's Really Angry.

Video and place for commentary at NPR.

SCOOP: Dewey's Life to Become a Film

Big story!!!!

Dewey Readmore Books's (a library cat who lived at the Spencer Library from 1988 to his death in 2006) story, recently published as a book will become a movie!, and Dewey's adopted mother, librarian Vicki Myron, who has since retired from the Spencer (IA) Library will be played by the great Meryl Streep!!! It is not known who will be cast as Dewey...

The movie's working title is "Library Cat", here's the scoop from Variety. (I feel a little like Liz Smith today)!

'The Hollywood Librarian' Shown on the Other Side of the Pond

Ann Seidl's 'Hollywood Librarian' is being shown to the public at Napier University in Edinburgh...from The Scotsman:

"Using the entertaining and appealing context of American movies, the film holds surprises for people who may think they know what librarians do.

Professor Alistair McCleery, director of the Scottish Centre for the Book, said: "The Hollywood Librarian is inspirational in the stories it tells of dedicated professionals at odds with some of their cinema stereotypes."

Librarian documentary to begin DVD sales on website

The Hollywood Librarian: A Look at Librarians Through Film today launched sales of the DVD version at its website,

The feature length documentary, which premiered in Washington D.C. in June 2007 and has been screened in 13 countries, can now be ordered by customers in the U.S. and Canada, with international ordering to begin soon. The DVD will begin shipping in December.

The DVD contains the 96 minute film. plus such bonus features as extended interviews, deleted scenes, behind-the-scenes production photos, subtitling in Spanish and French, closed captioning for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in English, and more.

Two versions of the DVD are on sale now at the website: the standard retail version for $39.95 and a Public Performance Rights (PPR) version with limited performance rights to show the movie in public and educational settings for $289.95.

Film International calls the documentary “a deft weaving” and “a hopeful elegy …a well-reasoned, eloquent, and enjoyable argument for the continued importance of libraries in the modern democracy.” And The Edmonton Journal wrote that The Hollywood Librarian is “Entertaining, uplifting and educational, it's everything a good documentary should be.”

The film was written, produced and directed by Ann Seidl, and is being distributed by Bifolkal Productions, a non-profit organization in Madison, Wisconsin. Bifolkal produces terrific program ideas and resources for libraries planning reminiscence programs with older adults; check out their website.

Five Books That Need To Be Adapted Into Movies Like Right Now

Five Books That Need To Be Adapted Into Movies Like Right Now: "Hollywood is unoriginal. We all know this. A study was recently conducted that proved that Hollywood is the second most unoriginal thing in the world (the first being Hollywood’s slightly retarded Hindi cousin Bollywood). Nowadays, nearly every new movie is either a remake or an adaptation of a book. I won’t complain. After all, tons of amazing movies are adaptations. That said, there are some books that, for some reason unknown to me, still haven’t been adapted. Following are five that need to be adapted two days before tomorrow."

Which films are better than the books they are based on?

The New Zealand Herald Asked Can a film be better than the book? It doesn't happen often - but there are some great examples. Many say that the Oscar-nominated film Brokeback Mountain was better than the Annie Proulx short-story it came from.

Which films are better than the books they are based on?

The Waldo Ultimatum

What do you get when you take an incredibly successful series of thrillers, cross them with a really successful series of books for children, and then make a movie out of it?

You get The Waldo Ultimatum.

This summer... Waldo finds... HIMSELF.

Retro Bond Covers

Like any avid reader, I appreciate the beauty of good cover art. No matter what they say, millions of people judge books by their covers every day.

These retro covers for Penguin's reissues of Ian Fleming's master spy stories fit the style and sexiness that fans all over the world have come to associate with James Bond. Some of the covers are completely original while others pay homage to the movie based upon them. (See Dr. No for the now iconic white knife belt worn by Ursula Andress and then most recently by Halle Berry.)

Obviously these come just in time for the release of Quantum of Solace, the newest big screen film featuring Daniel Craig as 007.

A Leaked Sneak Peek at the HP Trailer

Have you seen the new Harry Potter trailer?

Geek Pride at Comic-Con

Consider yourself a geek? You'd be in good company at San Diego's thirty-ninth annual Comic-Con(vention), which opened yesterday. It started as a comic book conference way back when, but has since expanded into a multitude of entertainment formats.

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