Librarian keeps a 'Mad Men' reading list

BOOKS ARE no exception to the meticulous re-creation of the 1960s advertising world in "Mad Men" - and a local librarian has been paying attention.

The paperback Betty Draper pored over in the bathtub while trying to soak away suspicions that Don's cheating. The book Sally reads to her grandpa Gene at bedtime. The Japanese cultural history tome that everyone in the agency is forced to read.

Billy Parrott, 41, manager of the New York Public Library's Battery Park City branch, has included these books and more in his "Mad Men Reading List."

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Franzen? Really Oprah?

From Nora Rawlinson at Early Word:

In about an hour, we’ll learn which title will get the magic book club sticker, when Oprah’s live show debuts on Chicago’s WLS at 10 am. EDT. Many news outlets are already claiming that Oprah will pick the wild card, Freedom by Jonathan Franzen, based on a story, released mid-afternoon yesterday, by the AP, quoting three anonymous booksellers who have seen early copies of the stickered book. [UPDATE: yup she picked it]

The Melville House Publishing blog posted a story way back on Monday, based on “reliable sources” and followed with a post featuring the Freedom cover sporting an Oprah sticker. The L.A. Times is suspicious, however, that the rather blurry photo may be a result of photoshopping; see it next to the original cover on the left. What do you think — a poor photo shop job, a bad scan, or just a terrible photo?

Between the Folds

Documentary: Between the Folds

Filmmaker Vanessa Gould takes you on a provocative odyssey into the mesmerizing world of modern origami, where artists and scientists use the ancient art form to craft works of delicate beauty and to model cutting-edge mathematical theories. Pushing the envelope of origami to include caricatured portraits and elaborate abstract designs, these experts examine how paper folding can reveal the profound connection between art, science and philosophy.

Just saw this on Netflix "Watch it Instantly." If you are a Netflix subscriber I recommend you check it out.
Link to documentary on Netflix:

PBS website for documentary:

DVD on Amazon: Independent Lens: Between the Folds

I know this sounds like an off the wall topic but it is truly fascinating.

Ewe get a car! Ewe get a car! EWE GET A CAR!

So I am watching the new BBC/Discovery episode of 'Life,' and don't get me wrong, I love nature shows. I am a self professed Shark Week Geek, yeah, I know that sharks don't evolve each year but I still watch it every year.
But I cannot get into this series like I did with its predecessor, 'Planet Earth.' It's not the visuals that I am disappointed with, I have 52 inches of 1080i HD real-estate.

It's the audio. Why is the States' version devoid of Sir David Attenborough --- again!??!
You know, I let the fact that 'Planet Earth' was commented by the Alien movies lady slip by, most likely because of all the eye candy this ground breaking series had to offer. But the second time around, it is going to take more than that for me to believe all the hype. Not only is the US version "dumbed down" but Oprah's narration is unimpressive and does the series no justice. Score one for the Brits.

As the saying goes, the sequel is never better than the original.

Betty White set to portray a librarian on ABC sitcom.

Betty White will guest-star on the season finale of The Middle. The four-time Emmy winner will play a school librarian who goes after a student over several overdue library books.

What? A librarian chasing down an overdue library book? What hijinx! Oh, one can only wonder where these writers get their ideas. We can only hope that zaniness and uncontrolled hilarity ensues.

Viacom to Take ‘Daily Show’ and ‘Colbert’ Off Hulu

Viacom to Take ‘Daily Show’ and ‘Colbert’ Off Hulu

Viacom will remove some shows from Hulu in the first major fracture between show owners and the video site.

Full story in the New York Times:

'The Librarians' US version

The Librarians

The US definitely needs to import the Australian TV series 'The Librarians' here.

It worked for 'The Office.'

I made this picture for one of my MLIS class presentations, we'll see how it goes this Tuesday night.

What Will Become of the Book Club When Oprah's Show Ends?

The "Oprah effect" is national, so it's no surprise some local fans are sad to see the media mogul's show come to an end.

The Oprah Winfrey Show's last episode will air Sept. 9, 2011 to mark its 25th anniversary. Local fans have been featured on the show, like the ladies who work the cafeteria at North Laurel (MD) Elementary School.

"She's got really good topics," said Oprah makeover recipient Eisele Couch. "I try to pay attention to what she influences the viewers. She's just made women stronger in their field." But women aren't the only fans. Men in Delmarva (Delaware/Maryland/Virginia area) say Oprah has impacted them in a positive way, too.

"She introduced to me a lot of books," said Earl Thomas. "They're inspirational to me." Ellen Dunn of the Wicomico Public Library has seen high demand for selections from Oprah's Book Club...she makes sure to have her recommended titles available. Video from WBOC.

An Oddball Notion

Left-wing pressure group Color of Change has had a boycott campaign running against right-wing talk personality Glenn Beck. So far it is claimed that multiple advertisers have yanked their ads from Beck's television on Fox News Channel although reportedly no ads have been pulled from the syndicated radio show, the magazine Fusion, or the website. While Beck's ratings remain high, the prices for ads are likely becoming depressed.

Already seen on LISNews today was a link to a blog post concerning an ad by legal materials publisher West. In that ad, West stated that if you know your librarian on a first name basis you are spending too much time at your library. Between that ad campaign and the situation at Fox News Channel, a golden opportunity exists.

What would it take for the American Library Association to break from past ad campaigns to do something new? What would it take to get the President of the ALA in a 30 second television ad to make a quick statement? Such an ad script could simply state:

“Hello Glenn Beck viewers. Color of Change is running an advertising boycott against Glenn over his release of what they term racist disinformation. In today's stormy seas of competing viewpoints, libraries remain your safe harbor for finding truth. I'm Jim Rettig, president of the American Library Association, reminding you that libraries still serve you since time immemorial.”

A bad thing is that the name of the ALA President did not come to mind immediately for me. The latest incarnation of the ALA website makes it quite the safari to actually determine who the President is. Getting actual face time in a commercial break of a national cable show with high ratings would presumably have some benefit. Having President Rettig say that in a library setting at the University of Richmond where he is University Librarian would personalize the point nicely. This would not have to be a complicated affair to produce and should not be any flashier than your average used car lot ad on local television.

As a way to reach the great unwashed, this might actually have more effect than yanking all advertisers. Recently the boycott effort has started to backfire on Color of Change as some of the companies in the boycott have decided to not only pull their ads on Beck's program but to pull their ads off any political program regardless of whether it leans left or right. This may be the time for independent ALA action that could lead to positive results for libraries especially when publishers undercut the status of law libraries through ads by those same publishers.

If anybody in the ALA sees this and wants to run with it, you have my blessing.

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