Text-A-Librarian at ALA

From Library Journal: It's coming up soon, and those attending the American Library Association's (ALA) annual conference in Chicago in less than two weeks will have a new service to help them navigate their way around—Text a Librarian.

ALA has partnered with Mosio to maximize the conference experience by offering mobile information through a service called “Text an ALA Ambassador.” And with an estimated 25,000 librarians and information professionals expected to show up, there are bound to be lots of questions about the conference's many seminars, committee meetings, educational programs, exhibitor locations, the registration process—yes, and even fun things to do in the windy city.

Attendees to the July 9–15 conference at the McCormick Place Convention Center can text questions from their mobile phones and receive an answer from one of 250 volunteer ALA Ambassadors who will use Mosio's Text a Librarian technology to respond quickly.


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I'm sending this message:

"I was going to ask a question, but I'm a librarian so I can find the answer myself."

Cooperation is for sissies!

Cooperation is for sissies! Working together is for losers! Or you can get an answer from a trusted source, while you're in the elevator between sessions, and life is that much easier.

Ooo, how about

Shouldn't you be doing something useful right now?

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