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The Perils of Automatic Copyright Protection

A cautionary tale about copyright, and the automated systems that enforce it.

If you post a video on YouTube, using one of their very own video creation tools, don't you expect it to go up and be viewable without any problems? Because of YouTube's Content ID system, it might not be so easy ...

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Are You Ready for National Library Week?

It's next week! This theme for this annual event is "Communities Thrive". Here's what we've found for events around the country:

  • Clark NJ Public Library
  • Boyd County KY Public Library
  • Mesquite TX Public Library
  • Woodland CA Public Library
  • Marathon Cty WI Public Library
  • Palm Beach FL County Library
  • Terrebonne Parish LA Public Library

    What's happening @ your library?

  • LISTen: An Podcast -- Episode #111

    First we have a word from producer Gloria Kellat:

    Folks! The team behind LISTen is getting set to bring you a print supplement to LISNews. Would you like to immortalize yourself in the very first LISNews Bulletin? Since we are trying to raise capital to cover printing costs so that we can give out the Bulletin as a free market test at Computers in Libraries 2010, we are putting together a patrons page. For USD$10 you can be listed as a supporter of an offline counterpart to LISNews. With just 10 patrons we can have 70-100 copies of the Bulletin to give out at Computers in Libraries 2010. For more details please contact me at before April 1st and make sure you put "Patron Page" on the subject line.

    And now back to the regularly scheduled show post...

    Recognizing that Health Care Reform is dominating the news in North America and squeezing out other news channels, we have a miscellany this week in addition to leaking more details about what this LISNews Bulletin is envisioned to be.

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