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Power outages during snow storms are not fun. While power has been restored (for now?), the following handwritten bit of blogging is posted as an attached PDF talking about format diversification.

LISTen: An LISNews.org Podcast -- Episode #107

Technical issues continue to plague us at Erie Looking Productions. LISTen #107 is a lost episode as there will be no recorded audio for this one. The unedited script that has none of the usual handwritten corrections or any ad-libs by the presenter is instead released for consideration. Links to matters referenced are shown as footnotes in the attached PDF file. This peculiar release is made under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

While we plan to release LISTen #108 on March 1st, this is dependent upon us chasing down electrical shorts and other complications. Thank you for your patience and cooperation in this difficult time.

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Programming Advisory For LISTen 107


Due to circumstances beyond our control it appears that LISTen #107 is delayed until further notice. We are trying to excise gremlins from the system but having a tired crew decreases the value of any attempted efforts. Our target is to get the episode out later Monday after some sleeping hours can be had.

Thank you for your patience in this difficult hour.

Dousing Firewalls

Click on "Read More" to see the column as well as to get to the download link for the PDF version. -- Read More

Revenge of the Miscellany

As it was suggested might happen, this is another one of the columns being posted. -- Read More

LISTen 106 Delayed

Due to the impending Super Bowl match-up on February 7th, it is anticipated that connectivity will be quite impaired for Erie Looking Productions at its rural operations site in extreme northeastern Ohio. Under optimal conditions not tied to major events like the Super Bowl, our cable broadband access has roughly one-third the throughput a conventional cable broadband connection in the United States would possess. We expect that access will be impaired during and immediately after the game. Recognizing such, LISTen #106 will not be released on February 8th as we will most likely repeatedly time-out during upload attempts.

Columns will still be released as deemed appropriate in the intervening time. These will be posted as text posts with Adobe Acrobat files injected into the podcast stream as enclosures so as to not leave podcast listeners without something.

Barring any further disruptions, LISTen #106 is anticipated to be released on or near 0500 UTC on February 15th. For those wanting to catch up on listening after ALA Mid-Winter might have put you behind, LISTen 105 remains available as does the column Defining Value.

An Occasional Column: Defining Value

As promised in LISTen 105, this is one of the columns being released this week. Click on the "Read More" link to see the web-based view of the column or check your podcatcher for the PDF version. -- Read More

LISTen: An LISNews.org Podcast -- Episode #105

This week's episode features an interview with the President of the ALA's counterpart in New Zealand, LIANZA. A new situation has arisen in New Zealand where a library may be starting to charge for loans of materials to adults. Barbara Garriock joined us via the magic of Skype to talk about the situation.

An LISNews zeitgeist recap as well as a miscellany of news bits are also presented.

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Press Release: "LIANZA opposes library charges"
Dan Lynch's Review of the Nokia N900
Megan McArdle on unemployment
Thomas F. Bertonneau via the Pope Center on literacy
Miguel de Icaza on the iPad
Elizabeth Krumbach on the Ubuntu Community Learning Project
The Register on the Firefox Cross-Protocol Attack on Freenode
The Register on the Google DNS Extension Proposal

17:02 minutes (6.83 MB)

LISTen: An LISNews.org Podcast -- Episode #104

This week's episode brings an analytical essay. What is fueling this renewed drive for paywalls and exclusivity contracts for content? The essay talks about some of the economic pressures that may have been overlooked. Remember, the air staff used to work in print news which means that they have their bylines and photo credits in at least a vertical file out there somewhere.

A miscellany of brief items is also presented.

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Andy Woodworth on paywalls and EBSCO exclusivity
China accuses US of online warfare
Reuters on the China situation regarding Internet freedom
Tom Foremski on a paywall hole
Usage of Mobile Internet in the UK
This Week in Fun Enters Hiatus
The death of Air America
Tech Liberation Front on Air America's death

15:57 minutes (6.4 MB)
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