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LISNews Netcast Network Summer 2009 Schedule

The LISNews Netcast Network schedule for this summer:

June 1: LISTen #74
June 8th: LISTen #75
June 11th: Hyperlinked History
June 15th: LISTen #76
June 18th: Tech for Techies
June 22nd: LISTen #77
June 25th: Hyperlinked History
June 29th: LISTen #78
July 2nd: Tech for Techies
July 6th: LISTen #79
July 9th: Hyperlinked History
July 13th: LISTen #80
July 16th: Tech for Techies
July 20th: LISTen #81
July 23rd: Hyperlinked History
July 27th: LISTen #82
July 30th: Tech for Techies
August 3rd: LISTen #83
August 6th: Hyperlinked History
August 10th: LISTen #84
August 13th: Tech for Techies
August 17th: LISTen #85
August 20th: Hyperlinked History

After August 20th, all network programs will be on hiatus. The hiatus will conclude on September 7th with the return of LISTen. Dates remain tentative as changes can happen. If news breaks out, unannounced specials may be released as necessary.

Tech for Techies #14 -- Low Bandwidth Version

This week on Tech for Techies, we explore the topic of audio formats to a greater depth. Not all media players are built alike. We explore why that matters to content creators and how to deal with it.

Also presented is a discussion by writer Andy Ihnatko that originally aired on MacBreak Weekly that touched upon the thought processes of content creators.

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Creative Commons License
Tech for Techies #14 by Michael J. Kellat is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.
Based on a work at twit.tv.

14:40 minutes (863.46 KB)

LISTen: An LISNews.org Podcast -- Episode #73 -- Low Bandwidth Version

One thing missing in Drupal's audio module is the ability to put a time-delay trigger on putting up audio posts. This may be why the TWiT Network uses Drupal to run their site but does not use the audio module to serve up programs. With it being a holiday weekend in the United States, delay was inevitable.

This week's episode is brief. This is due to the holiday weekend and the marked paucity of stories. Some news briefs are presented, though.

A small item transcribed from the program: "For library science students out there in need of a summer project, I have one for you. Since the Internet Archive is quite inflexible in terms of materials deposited relative to license status, we have a problem. LISNews Netcast Network programs can include different pieces of material with differing degrees of copyright status. Creating a digital library of network programs, which now stretch back to the last month of 2007, is something I would be interested in having a student help build. If you are interested, you can call in the United States 702-425-8547. If you need credit, ask a prof to discuss the logistics with me."

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5:23 minutes (319.63 KB)

Tech for Techies #13 -- Low Bandwidth Version

This week sees Tech for Techies shift focus slightly. How does a podcast die? How can that be prevented? Is the Information Superhighway littered with roadkill made up of library-related podcasts? This week's episode looks at the matter and poses practical solutions.

As stated in the episode: "Except for the two United States Government works incorporated herein, this particular episode of Tech for Techies is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License. The two government works, produced by employees of the Census Bureau and the United States Navy, are considered outside copyright domestically under United States copyright law."

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11:56 minutes (703.51 KB)

LISTen: An LISNews.org Podcast -- Episode #72 -- Low Bandwidth Version

This is an early post of the low bandwidth (11.025 kHz, 8kbps) version of LISTen #72. The normal quality version will post tonight at the usual time barring any disruptions. As the comments ID3 tag to the file notes about episode contents: "Relay of Fiji stories released by RNZI / Tech Talk on Twitter and Google". Full links and descriptions will come later tonight.

These low bandwidth versions of episodes are released as a test. iPhone users cannot perform Over-The-Air syncing of our main feeds as file sizes are frequently over the ten megabyte per episode cap. Posting this before the normal podcast post time gives me a chance to tweak it as necessary before the main show is released. This feed is smartphone friendly as long as there is an RSS reader available for your smartphone. The relevant FeedBurner address is: http://feeds2.feedburner.com/LnnExperimental

In making it easy for episodes to go over low bandwidth links, quality is frequently sacrificed. The result is still usable but not necessarily optimal. For librarians curious at putting other netcasts side by side to observe differences, contrast these two renditions of TWiT #194: Regular Feed & Dial-up.

21:48 minutes (1.25 MB)

Tech for Techies #12 -- Low Bandwidth Version

This week we talk about the hardware and practicalities of recording an interview. We also rerun the Tech for Techies Segment #12 describing constructing the cell phone audio tap for interview purposes.

14:00 minutes (824.84 KB)

Low Fidelity Mono Version of LISTen #71

This is a low fidelity version of LISTen #71.

28:22 minutes (1.63 MB)
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