User Research Jumpstart: A Way To Start Studying Your Users

Influx: User Research Jumpstart
If you want to provide relevant services at your library, you need to know your community. To you know your community, you must do user research.

If your library doesn’t currently have a user research program, our User Research Jumpstart is a great way to start.

A Jumpstart will prove the value of user research, increase your library’s user research skill set, and deliver an action plan that will help your library create a better user experience.

After a Jumpstart your library will have
•a user research skill set.
•better knowledge of the lives of your users and their needs.
•increased awareness of user perception of the library.
•a plan for improving the design of your website.
•a plan for improving the functionality of your building.
•a UX vision to guide decisions about library services.


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Why is this posted?

So, lisnews is now a vendor advertising service?

For Aaron, Anything

Aaron Schmidt (half of Influx) spent years helping me build LISNews a decade ago. If there's some small thing I can do to help him, then he gets help.

More Info

Perhaps there should have been some explanation of that before posting what appeared to be a LISNews vendor endorsement.

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