What Can Publishers Learn from Indie Rock?

The lessons of Indie Rock for the publishing industry are pondered in a post at The Scholarly Kitchen,
"Whenever you buy a record from just about any indie band, it comes with either a CD or with a card that contains a URL and a download code so you can get a digital copy at no additional cost...
If implemented in the right way, publishers could kill two birds with one stone: they could support a mechanism for downloading e-books purchased in conjunction with hardcovers that not only makes their best customers happy and extends the life of hardcover sales, but that actually fosters competition in the ebook marketplace."


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I would love that. I am currently reading the e-book edition of Pauline Kael : a life in the dark from the library, even though I own the hardcover, because it's easier to carry around.

But in that case

if they'd given away a free copy they would have lost out on a sale from you.

Records cost more

Records cost anywhere from $20 to $40. I know, I collect. The download is about $7.99 so I think the price for the record is enough to include the download.

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