Who Belongs On Our "Blogs To Read In 2010" List?

(Why This List Matters.)

We're in the final stretch of putting together our annual list, "10 Blogs To Read in 2010".

What blogs do you read every day? What blogs help you learn? What blogs keep you informed? What blogs make you laugh? Who's the best writer out there?

Think of it this way: "I read many others, but these are the LIS blogs that read even when time is short"

I'm looking for input from as many people as possible so the final list doesn't miss any new talented bloggers. My goal again this year is simple, we'll list 10 blogs that, when followed as a group, paint a complete picture of what's going on in our little world. You can leave a comment below, hit the contact form, or send an email to btcarver@lisnews.com.

Before you nominate, take a look at past winners, they aren't eligible for 2010:

10 Blogs To Read in 2006

10 Blogs To Read In 2007

The LISNews 10 Blogs To Read In 2008

10 Blogs To Read In 2009


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I Read

A new weblog I enjoy is From the catalogs of babes

I Enjoy

Woeful @ the Library: http://librarianwoes.wordpress.com


I love

The Merry Librarian :www.merrylibrarian.com. I especially love to collection of reference desk situations. This blog always brightens my day!

The Merry Librarian

Cracks me up every time!! Great, true stories from a library near you.

Top Blogs to read in 2010

I highly recommend the Merry Librarian

10 to Read for 2010

My favorite blogs are:
1. Make Use of It
2. Research Buzz
3. Catalogablog
4. TeleRead Bringing the EBooks Home
5. The Travelin' Librarian

Blogs to Read

1. iBraryGuy
2. The Librarian in Black
3. Research Buzz

Blogs to Read

1. Librarian in Black
2. McSweeney's "Dispatches from a Public Librarian"


I have to give a shout out to The Effing Librarian.
... And thanks for the love Auntie Nanuuq!

Blogs to Read

John DiGilio's iBraryGuy.com has lots of "best of" lists and in-depth analysis of
productivity tools for libraries, librarians and information professionals.

Nicole Engard's What I Learned Today (http://www.web2learning.net/) has lots of tech tips as well as deep insight into open-source systems for libraries. She's not afraid to take a stand, and encourages other info pros to be strong proponents as well. See http://www.web2learning.net/archives/3434

Eric Schwarz
Librarian and business researcher


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