Why we probably won't have a Semantic Web.

Why we (probably) won't have a Semantic Web.
Some crazy librarian:

My point is that our understanding of the purpose of the Web is wrong. And our understanding of machines is wrong. Just as our understanding of other people is wrong. We can't possibly know the purpose of the Internet. First, we didn't make it. Second, it was designed with only one purpose, to make access to data easier.


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Way to take it out of context.

Interesting how you took that quote from entire blog - this is entirely out of context. The author explains much more about why he thinks there will probably never be a semantic web and actually does a great job of doing so. You should have respect for the author and, instead of calling him a 'a crazy librarian', explain why you think this incorrect.

-Baffled Librarian.

re: Way to take it out of context.

I knew he'd read it and take it as a joke. He's a good guy, and not crazy, and can take a joke. Since I do respect him as an author I know he'd take it well.

Okay, okay. I apologize for

Okay, okay. I apologize for being rash with my comment. I find his blogs fascinating and just couldn't believe someone would say that. Glad it's all in good spirits :)

But Blake calls me "crazy" out of love...

I'm not offended. Hell, I just got 50 hits on my blog from his link. Thanks, Blake!

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