Woman Commits Suicide in Kansas Library Parking Lot

Woman Commits Suicide in OP Library Parking Lot
Police say that a woman shot and killed herself in an Overland Park library parking lot on Tuesday evening.

According to witnesses, a woman who appeared to be in her mid-40's shot herself with a shotgun of the Overland Park Public Library at 87th and Farley around 8:30 p.m. Authorities say that the woman died on the scene.


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that's johnson county public library

Central Branch.

Yeah, you'd think the local

Yeah, you'd think the local news would have some idea of the actual name of the library. That is so horrifying -- my heart goes out to the staff.

Was this Kathy??

Was this Kathy?? No one is mentioning this anywhere and I Can't find information!!

RE: Was this Kathy??

From my understanding it is.

Kathy who?????????????

fo this library a lot

Kathy McKenzie

Kathy was a wonderful lady who had an extraordinary talent for painting beautiful model horses. she will b emissed by so many of us who knew her.


who is she?

Suicide at Library

I'm asking that you don't presume to judge this woman. She was a wonderful, talented person who suffered personal severe losses in her life which she obviously could not overcome. There are hundreds of us who loved her and tried to help, but you can "lead a horse to water." And I mean hundreds of us loved her. I will not intrude on her family's feelings by saying more. I'm just requesting that people remember that this woman was in horrific pain and unable to overcome it. We sincerely loved her.

A friend who will never forget her. KH


Is there an obituary, or even a last name?

I just don't think that it

I just don't think that it matters how bad the pain seems to be, that ending your life is not the answer. I wish people would realize that, and I don't know why they're so reluctant to seek out help.

Big box store

If this person had killed themselves at home or in the parking lot of a big box store it wouldn't even be a story on LISNEWS.

Re: Big Box

How true, moron .

Speaking of morons

Now that we are speaking of morons. How is you mother?

Kathleen McKenzie

Kathleen McKenzie
March 26, 1961 to June 15, 2010

Info about memorial service

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