Worst design for book related website

Nonstopbooks nominates the Book Guys website as the worst design for a book related website. Full piece here.


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Book guys website

If those guys paid for the redesign they should get their money back. If they got the redesign for free it just goes to show that you get what you pay for. The site is truly dreadful. (I did not see it before, was it better or worse?)

How very retro

That site is so...1996. It brings back memories of being in college and creating my own first websites with table-based layouts.

Have ye no respect for

Have ye no respect for classic web design? Sure they need a few animated gifs and thirty or so "awards" from other GeoCities sites but you can't rush art. Red text on a teal background will be around for millenia after you and your "good taste" and "readability" are long gone. And who will be laughing then? Our reptilian cyborg overlords and the makers of Pepto-Bismol. That's who!

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