Yahoo!: Search Pad: Making Online Research Easier

Yahoo!: Today, we are testing a new feature called Search PadTM to help users effortlessly capture websites that they find on Yahoo! Search and organize that information to complete important tasks.


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See also: Thumbtack

Microsoft's Thumbtack ( ) seems to be a similar service. -- William C., MU, Ohio

All well and good but what about content?

This is all well and good but what about allowing a little more attention to providing better search results? The addition of a sketch pad is great, though a little inferior to similar efforts from Diigo but right now, I am more concerned about the actual selection process and the amount of junk, ads and simply unreliable wiki pages yahoo and google keep turning up. For novelty sake, this seems to work, but I do a fair amount of research and i need a site that offers a guided hand approach to research, providing viable content, like
A nice step further but deal with your content before adding any more bells and whistles- students and researchers will thank you.

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