Is Your Library Getting the Most Out of Twitter?

After one-year on Twitter, a library web master offers five "tweet" strategies to reach out to patrons, promote materials and events, and find new users.

Libraries have always been about books, but what is it about books that you’re there for? Essentially information and/or entertainment. The library does this while functioning as something of a community center. Twitter enables the library to reach people on all those levels and do so much easier, cheaper and more regularly than ever before.

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you bet your sweet Texas ass we are

We totally ignoring it. No one in our town uses it and neither do we. Aaaahhhhhhhhhh.

Wanna hear about our approach to Kindle, IM reference and Facebook? It's pretty much the same.

Pursue utility, not gadgetry.

Wait a minute ---

Are you the Amish Librarian?

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