Zombies in the Library!

Yes! There are Zombies in the Library.

The South Australian Library & Information Network (SALIN) Committee has chosen to celebrate our diverse and changing profession through production of the 2011 calendar "Zombies in the Library". In 12 beautifully rendered scenes the calendar covers such topics as the role of the Zombie in reference, the frustrations faced when the Undead hog the photocopier, and for cataloguers, poses the eternal question: 299.675 or 398.21? Funds raised from the calendar will go to recovering the committee's costs, and any excess will go to charity.

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This is hilarious.

What a great way to celebrate our libraries! (esp. wth Halloween coming up)

Love this idea! I will

Love this idea! I will definitely have to purchase one of these!!!! Hysterical.

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