Fantastic story on banned books.

Submitted by Blake on Fri, 01/28/2000 - 01:10

The savannahmorningnew
has a nice story on a banned book Here . It follows the story for a year
a half.
\"It started with a single complaint. One man offended by
what he read on the pages of his stepdaughter\'s
schoolbooks. It snowballed into a book ban, a
full-fledged censorship fight, gathering disbelief and
outrage as it rolled on its controversial path.\"

The \"New\" Librarian

Submitted by Blake on Fri, 01/28/2000 - 01:01

USNEws has an intersting
read Here on the new breed of Librarians.

\"Library science is a field transformed by the
cyber-revolution. A generation ago, \'\'the librarian had the
crepe-soled shoes and the bun and was holding court in a
book-lined environment,\'\' says Carol Hoffmann, assistant to
the director of the University of Pittsburgh\'s library
system. Lately, explosive growth in the volume and import of
information has created demand across disciplines for people
expert in organizing and retrie

Comment to the US Fed Govt.

Submitted by Blake on Fri, 01/28/2000 - 00:57

\"The Copyright Office of the Library of Congress is
preparing to conduct proceedings to make recommendations in
accordance with section 1201(a)(1) of the Copyright Act, 17
1201(a)(1), which was added by the Digital Millennium
Copyright Act and which provides that the Librarian of
Congress may exempt certain classes of
works from the prohibition against circumventing a
technological measure that controls access to a copyrighted

Victory in campaign to halt library closures

Submitted by Steve on Thu, 01/27/2000 - 11:19

This Is

The controversial tide of library closures across London has
finally turned - following huge public pressure.

Many boroughs announced cost-cutting closures and reductions
to opening hours during the last few months. Today, after
an Evening Standard campaign and anger from library users, a
London-wide reprieve seems imm

School Gets New Look for Library

Submitted by Steve on Thu, 01/27/2000 - 11:15

From the L.A. Times.

The Cohasset Elementary School in Van Nuys is the latest to
receive a state-of-the-art library from the Wonder of
Reading, a nonprofit group that renovates Los Angeles
Unified School District libraries.

New green and gray carpeting, a reading amphitheater and
$10,000 worth of new biographies, science books and books in
Braille are just some of the changes from the four-week

A Cry for help from France

Submitted by Blake on Wed, 01/26/2000 - 19:33

From Judit Kiraly
\" I have \"inherited\" in December the presidency of the English-American Library of Nice. The problem is that what I know about libraries is rather limited to my own experience of various establishments where I did my doctoral research.
It is a small, 20 000 volume English library in the south of France. I intend to do my best, but we are all voluntary and I am the one who does most of the organising/running of it with the help of some very nice but totally unqualified voluntary librarians. The place is reasionably organised and indexed, but when it comes to improving it - I definitely need professional advice.