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LISNews is a collaborative weblog [aka blog] devoted to current events and news in the world of Library and Information Science. A dedicated team of international bloggers scour the World Wide Web to find stories they find interesting. You'll find links to news stories and Web sites, along with original writing, interviews and reviews. LISNews is updated frequently, usually 7 days a week. We are a non-commercial site, supported by our users.

LISNews was originally conceived and created by Me [Blake Carver] on November, 2 1999. I was assisted by fellow librarian Steve Galbraith, and programmer Nabeal Ahmed. I post many of the stories and keep the site going in my spare time. I have an MLS and work as a librarian in Western NY State. I do the best I can to be accurate, fair and balanced, but I am human and do have certain biases that can shine through from time to time. Of course, I can't say the same for the other authors, and they are encouraged to post what they feel is appropriate. Since LISNews is open and collaborative, the diversity of our authors can bring a wide range of view points to the site each and every day.

LISNews is an open community of folks who are interested in keeping each other informed on the news of the day. The strength of LISNews lies with you, the reader. When you find a story that interests you, chances are it'll interest others as well. Let us know! LISNews is the place to share what you find interesting with others around the world. If you take the time to submit a story, feature, editorial, or any other work you personally took the time to write, it remains in every way yours. LISNews retains no control over any work submitted for posting. You may have it removed from the site at anytime for any reason. The comments you see left on stories are not normally edited or removed.

I take no responsibility for any work submitted. Original work submitted may or may not reflect the opinions and beliefs of the LISNews team, so if you don't like something you see here, don't take it out on me or the site, take it out on the person who wrote it. I reserve the right to remove any work at any time for any reason. Since LISNews is a part time project, anything that causes me trouble will be deleted.

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