Fighting online racism


There\'s an article on Yahoo! News about the
United Nations World Conference on Racism, Racial
Discrimination and Xenophobia, taking place in 2001. They
have a modest goal of stopping racist propaganda on the

European leaders called for international cooperation on
Thursday to stop the Internet\'s use as a tool for spreading
neo-Nazi and other racist propaganda.

``Worse still, the Web enables those who support such ideas
to network and promote their products, books and so-called
\'scientific\' and other reports by means of e-commerce, or
even to coordinate their subversive acMany of the 700 delegates from 46 countries attending a
conference on the Holocaust expressed concern about rising
neo-Nazi activity in Europe, and the growing role of high
technology in spreading messages of hate. \'\'Unfortunately
the Internet is ... a cross-border vector for racist
theories and the fermentation of hatred and
discrimination,\'\' Ruth Dreifuss, head of Switzerland\'s
Federal Home Affairs Department, told the conference on