Gen-X author back


CNN\'s story on Douglas COupland is a nice little read. Anyone read the book yet? It\'s probably not symbolic in any way. But it\'s worth noting that Douglas Coupland, the author who has been called \"the voice of his generation,\" has laryngitis.

He\'s talking on the phone in his Washington D.C. hotel room between sips of a Diet Coke, his voice a muddied rasp.

The subject of discussion: how he got into writing in his mid-20s.

\"I was living-working in Tokyo,\" Coupland says, \"and I sent someone a postcard and she put it up on a fridge in Vancouver. The editor of a local city magazine read it and said, \'Hey, this guy can write.\' Two days later I was down in Beverly Hills investigating a guy that was doing art swindles, and it was fun and easy.\"