How Dialog Blew it


You would\'ve thought Databse Monster Dialog would have a big advantage over most others when it comes to the web. Not so says Forbes in This article on Dialogs troubles brought on by the web.
Dialog practically invented much of the indexing and boolean search technology that has allowed such outfits as Yahoo and Alta Vista to bring order to the chaos--and make their owners spectacularly wealthy in the process. The company even developed its own version of the Internet in the early 1980s, called DialNet, which downloaded data and e-mail over clients\' modems around the world. But the company\'s recent history has been marked by one missed opportunity after another.
\"Here\'s where we missed the boat: Dialog had a chance at the inception of the Web to index it, in essence to be a Yahoo,\" says Jeffery Galt, the former head of the business when it was owned by Knight Ridder. \"But we passed on it because we couldn\'t see how we could make money on it.\"
Galt got out. He is now the chief executive of distribution software firm...