"Fill our Shelves, Suggest a Book!" - Public Libraries in Singapore crowdsource for book recommendations

 http://www.pl.sg/suggestabookThe public libraries in Singapore (under the National Library board) are holding a "Fill our Shelves, Suggest a Book!" contest from now until 1 July 2012.They appear to be using the crowdsourcing platform Uservoice.com that allows users to sign-in and vote and comments on submissions by others. As I write this I estimate there are about 1400 submissions (70 pages of submissions, 20 entries per page), of course quite a few are duplicates or suggestion for books the library already owns (e.g Hunger Games Series). The top recommended title right now is "The Dragon Book of Verse" and has over 50 votes.Prizes will be give for Top 3 Recommenders (most number of suggestions submitted online) and Most popular title in each category (suggested title with most number of votes)I am a academic librarian, so I was curious to see which academic libraries have done the same using this or similar platforms like Getsatisfaction.Currently, I found Harvard Library has a moderate success using it as a general feedback platform and way back in 2008, Cook Library used it to crowdsource ideas for redesign of the website.To all LISnews Readers out there, when you need to systematically crowdsource for popular ideas or recommendations what do you use? A discussion forum? Or perhaps you rely on Facebook related systems such as a Facebook group?Aaron Tay