Library Way

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Grand Central Partnership has transformed East 41st Street between Fifth Avenue and Park Avenue into an entertaining and illuminating promenade to the majestic New York Public Library Humanities and Social Sciences Library by displaying bronze sidewalk plaques featuring quotations from literature and poetry. Known as “Library Way," this initiative was being undertaken by GCP with the assistance and support of the New York Public Library, the property owners and commercial tenants along 41st Street, library organizations, and the New York City Department of Transportation. Library Way was officially dedicated on May 27, 2004.

Street sign for Library Way

First bronze plaque for Library Walk. Telling organization behind plaques

Hemingway[email protected]/1584323274/

Two classes of books

Book tasting[email protected]/1584323372/in/photostream/



Information is Light

Mind is an enchanting thing

Marcus Aurelius Antoninus

Words like freedom

Universe is made of stories[email protected]/1584323178/in/photostream/

Library Scene[email protected]/1584323232/in/photostream/

Backwards (words are all backwards but look in center of plaque for one phrase that is not)

A word is dead - Emily Dickinson[email protected]/200655550/

Read from the treasured volume

Freedom of the press

Writing your name

Tell the truth about yourself[email protected]/1583677687/

Connecticut Yankee[email protected]/1583677695/in/photostream/

Through the looking glass[email protected]/1583677699/in/set-72157602442…

Reading of good books

Literature or chickens

Crumpled paper

Live several lives -- chalk outline

Treasured wealth

Nature and art

they ask me to remember

Waiting for Godot


When you are old

John Greenleaf Whittier

only two or three human stories[email protected]/1583677715/

Dylan Thomas[email protected]/1583677709/in/photostream/

Strong wings

I want everybody to be smart

I don't really read

Secure the future[email protected]/253820986/in/photostream/

Knowledge of different literatures[email protected]/253820694/in/set-721575943015…

Where there is much desire to learn[email protected]/253822267/in/set-721575943015…