New Web Site From Harvard Business School

Sarah Jane Johnston writes \"HBS Working Knowledge, a Web site designed to meet the information needs of Harvard Business School alumni, is available to the general business and academic communities at The site brings together timely business information and research from the intellectual capital of Harvard Business School and other highly regarded sources. Visitors to the site can browse more than a dozen topic areas featuring timely articles and essays on diverse management topics, interviews with HBS professors and industry leaders, book recommendations and Web site reviews. Topic areas include E-Commerce and the Marketspace, Innovation & Change, Investment and Finance, and Knowledge and the Information Economy. Weekly updates of three to four topical features and new book and Web site recommendations ensures fresh, current, and lively business reading for HBS Working Knowledge users.

Development of HBS Working Knowledge began in response to alumni requests for a digest of new research and publications from HBS. More than 300 alumni and MBA students were tested, evaluated and provided feedback on the site prototype. \"Our alumni clearly told us they wanted current, relevant sources of contemporary business information and research delivered to them over the Web. In listening to them, we developed a site which extracts and packages business information and research generated within HBS, its publishing company, and other outside sources,\" said Tom Michalak, Project Leader and Executive Director of the HBS Baker Library. The library\'s approach to information had been focussed on providing a large volume of material to users while in the MBA program. However, Baker\'s research discovered that alumni needs were different; they clearly expressed the need for filtered and distilled information delivered in brief, timely and concise capsules.

\"Information is more immediate and accessible than ever before, and we are constantly thinking up new ways to package and deliver it,\" said Michalak. \"The speed of change in our work lives is altering the way learning takes place and increasing the importance of continued learning. HBS Working Knowledge will play an important part in meeting that need.\"