Come To the Library to Borrow...A Person

Submitted by birdie on Mon, 04/21/2008 - 17:38

...instead of a book. Yes, this activity takes place every so often at London's Living Library, a project supported in part by the Museums, Libraries And Archives Council UK.

Times OnLine informs us of a new library fad which started in Scandinavia..."instead of books, readers can come to the library and borrow a person for a 30-minute chat (and you don't have to buy them a drink).

The human “books” on offer vary from event to event but always include a healthy cross-section of stereotypes. Last weekend, the small but richly diverse list included Police Officer, Vegan, Male Nanny and Lifelong Activist as well as Person with Mental Health Difficulties and Young Person Excluded from School. I [the article's author, David Baker]was there as Gay Man."

Interesting way of acquiring knowledge about our fellow humans.