Critique My New Site - LISWire - The Librarian's News Wire

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Submitted byGregon Thu, 04/24/2008 - 16:31

I'll officially launch a new site Monday, so I'm looking for feedback, ideas, critiques and criticisms now. The new site is LISWire - The Librarian's News Wire -

"LISWire is a brand new idea from the guy behind LISNews & LISHost, Blake Carver. The plan is to allow member companies and organizations to use LISWire to send their full-text news releases and multimedia content to librarians, journalists, library professionals and the general public. We're going to build a network to distribute this information world wide. "

Let me know what you think... How does it look? Does it seem useful? Do we need to change something, anything?

Leave a comment below, hit the contact form, or drop me an email btcarver at