Libraries in a Tough Economy...are we winning or losing?

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I read this entry (and watched the video) from ALA TechSource, and I just have to comment on it. Yes, it makes sense that, in this economical climate, libraries are booming with business. Free books, free movies, free Internet...sometimes free entertainment for the family. These are all important reasons libraries exist. Yet...aren't we still victims of this economy? Less money means less jobs...or lower-paying jobs. It also means less money with which to buy these books and movies that libraries offer to the public for free.

I don't a world where bailout money is begged for by men with private jets, I can't help but think, "Where is the bailout money for libraries, schools, hospitals? Where is the money to help out firefighters, police officers, and paramedics?" I'm not saying we shouldn't help the Big the words of John Stewart, at least they have a product to sell. But maybe we should also keep an eye out for those entities (we're certainly not corporations) that offer free services to people. Maybe we deserve to have some financial consideration, too.

Bunny Burnstein

Oh, speaking of free on my signature to see my blog. The entry for December 11, 2008 is devoted to free online museums. Thanks!