Library 2.0 on ning going away

Submitted by Bill Drew on Tue, 02/23/2010 - 11:23

Effective Thursday evening, Feb. 25, 2010, I will be closing down Library 2.0 on Ning, . The network has not seen much traffic the last few months and most people requesting to join are posting profiles full of link spam. The return is no longer worth the work. I am not transferring it to anyone else. I want to freeze and archive the contents in some way. Thursday I will be suspending all members of the network. The content will remain but no one will be able to post to it.

I am not passing it along to someone else because my name is attached to it and I do not want it to turn into something I would not want to be associated with. If members of the network feel a need for it, they can start another one on Ning.

Library 2.0 on Ning has been a big success but it is now time to move on. Networks that require you to go to them to use them are a thing of the past. I have no regrets about what started as a place for me to experiment with Ning and Web 2.0. It grew far beyond my wildest hopes. At one point it got over 50 posts a day but is now getting less than 4 posts a month. I have learned much from it and made many new friends.

See you in Cyberspace on Twitter, Facebook, and other places.

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