Be On the Look Out for Large Groups of Hungry Librarians Lurking in Dallas Restaurants

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This headline cracked me up: "Be On the Look Out for Large Groups of Hungry Librarians Lurking in Dallas Restaurants"
?The Magazine of the American Library Association has been compiling information for prospective attendees to its Midwinter Meeting, hosted here in Dallas at the end of January. The most interesting tidbit the head librarians have offered on their blog? A dining list for librarians, by librarians.

Academic Librarianship: A Crisis or Opportunity?

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This post reproduces the notes taken by Harriet Sonne de Torrens, as well as some slides shown, at "Academic Librarianship: A Crisis or Opportunity?" held at University of Toronto on 18 November 2011. If you're wondering why this conference was convened, take a look at "McMastergate in chronological order, or, Do libraries need librarians?" and "UWO Librarian Strike Ends As Both Sides Ratify New Agreement." More...

A Digital Public Library of America Conference Perspectives and Directions

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The National Digital Public Library of America: Perspectives and Directions
October 11, 2011, 9am - 5pm
Columbia University, School of International & Public Affairs
New York City

The major issues to be discussed by the best speakers on the topic:
a national digital public library;
the legal ramifications of the Google BookSearch Settlement—most especially copyright and the digital objectives of libraries; and the perspective of U.S. publishers

A Digital Public Library of America: Perspectives and Directions

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Come One, Come All!
Not the Last Word, But the Best Word to Date:
A Digital Public Library of America:
Perspectives and Directions
Fourth Annual International Conference Sponsors:Columbia University Libraries & Harriman Institute,
(International Library Information and Analytic Center; Offices in Moscow & Washington D.C.) andThe U*N*A*B*A*S*H*E*DTM Librarian (also conference organizer)
Columbia University
School of International and Public Affairs
Kellogg Center, 15th Floor
420 West 118th Street

BookExpo America Loves Librarians

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...and here's the 'official' BEA Librarians blog. Why does BEA love librarians? Hmmm, probably because there are fewer and fewer bookstores around :(. [birdie's request: please support your local bookstores and partner with them whenever possible].

This month's entry includes YA, Middle Grade, Non-Fiction and Fiction favorites and asks librarians...what do YOU like? Check it out.

Major publishing deal for writer who sold 1m copies online

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Self-published author John Locke has just signed a deal with a major publisher. In June this year, the American writer of contemporary crime became the first author to sell a million copies on Kindle.
While the publisher, Simon & Schuster, will handle sales and distribution for Locke’s books, they won’t cash in on his digital sales.

Locke – who sold his digital books via Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform – is responsible for the popular Donovan Creed novels.

Computers in Libraries 2012 Call For Speakers Cil2012

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Creating Innovative Libraries is what librarians, systems and information professionals, and teams of other partners and experts do with computers, the internet and cutting edge technology. At Computers in Libraries 2012, the focus is on practices and techniques, technology, and the “secret sauce” or “extra” that creates innovative libraries.

The conference program is filled with ideas, leading edge practices, tips and techniques for creating innovative libraries, engaging communities, as well as designing and delivering strategic services that are of primary importance to our communities. The emphasis is on thinking outside of the box, learning from other industries, finding strategic partners, and creating value for our user communities with new tools, techniques and skills that build innovative and priority services.