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Letter: Libraries are huge tax burden


The letter on Aug. 23 by Bill Weller is a prime example of entitlement and why our taxes are so high. I’ve been saying for years that libraries should no longer be on the tax roles and under the burden of the taxpayer. I’m not saying libraries are not useful, because they are. I know there are many advocates for libraries, but it should no longer be the responsibility of the taxpayer to supply people with books, videos, computer cafes, and personal entertainment.

web application that runs the website

Flask web application that runs the website

The application generates a random library conference website based on the subdomain of the request URL. Underscores in the subdomain will be replaced with spaces.


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Just How Gross Are Library Books, Exactly?


But here’s the thing: Unless you’re stuck in some sort of weird literary torture chamber, nobody is ever going to inject you with library book juice. And modern scientists say that just curling up with a book is not enough to make you sick.

“I have never heard of anyone catching anything from a library book,” infectious disease specialist Michael Z. David told the Wall Street Journal. David says that viruses and bacteria can indeed live on the pages of library books, but that the risk of actual infection is very, very low.

Bad Librarian Hits Huff Po!

It may be unprofessional for a librarian to smile, but by the time I was done reading these comments, I had a big grin on my face. The lesson? You just can't let the hotheads and the crazies get you down. Instead, you have to laugh. The important thing is that I wasn't alone. My fellow librarians always have my back.

Why Librarians Should Love Fallout 4


There's certainly no harm in including a library in an imagined dystopian future—if anything, it's a great reminder that overwhelming violence can destroy valuable culture and knowledge. And since post-apocalyptic gaming includes libraries, perhaps it shouldn't be surprising to learn libraries include post-apocalyptic video games too.

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