Marketing Libraries

"Love Your Library" Now A License Plate in New York


You've gotta love the DMV now that they've issued a sentimental "Love Your Library" license plate. The plate, which features a design consisting of various library resources to the left of the plate number and includes the words "READ - LEARN - EXPLORE," is available to anyone who has a passenger or commercial vehicle registered in New York State (and who can afford an additional $43 over the cost of a regular plate). Here's the press release from Empire Information Services.

Rare books good for publicity


Grumpy Librarian writes "Interesting Special Effects Column, by Scott Carlson, over on the Chronicle Of Higher Ed. Though you'll need a subscription to read the article, it's work tracking down. Carlson says growing number of librarians who are trying to turn their library's rare holdings into promotional and marketing tools for their institutions, and for traditional research methods.

New & Improved...Or In Trouble? Marion County Library


Ruth Holladay of the Indianapolis Star begins her column "The headline should be: "More libraries open on Sunday!" said Linda Mielke, the 58-year old CEO of the Indianapolis Marion County Public Library. She was emphatic, enthusiastic and pitching hard.Holladay goes on to say

"Sorry, Linda, but columnists don't write the headlines. If we did, I'd offer this: "Libraries perishing, pandering to pop culture, forgoing historic mission."

ALA - Begins 2G "@" Awards to Libraries

Topic sends " this press release from ALA

Friends of Libraries U.S.A. (FOLUSA) and Baker & Taylor have once again partnered with the American Library Association (ALA) to honor the Friends group with the most creative use of ALA’s @ your library® brand. Now in its third year, the $2,000 award is open to Friends groups of all sizes and types who are current FOLUSA members.


Librarians become Pin-Ups to Fundraise for LIBs - IOWA

Topic spotted a Piece on some daring librarians in Iowa. Twelve librarians in Dallas County and 12 months in a year - after Paula James saw the movie "Calendar Girls," it seemed like the perfect coincidence.

James, Adel's library director, was looking for creative ways to raise money for the town's $2.2 million facility, which is due to open in the fall.

Iowa Librarians are also Calendar Girls


Librarian Paula James got her inspiration from the movie "Calendar Girls" in which some elderly women posed nude to raise money for a woman whose husband had died. Although the movie was hilarious, James knew her fellow librarians wouldn't go the nude route. But they were determined to give the public a vision of librarians without their trademark glasses hanging off their noses or their "stuffy looks".