Marketing Libraries

Finding Mr. Right @ your library


Filipino Librarian writes "JM Kearns, the author of Why Mr. Right Can't Find You, recommends that women be more proactive: 'Beyond chance encounters, women should venture into the real world to broaden the net, he says. Kearns suggests hanging out in bookstores and libraries, and if you see a prospect, smile. "Even Mr. Right needs encouragement. Your smile can be any smile. I don't care if it is nervous, pale or twitchy.

OCLC's College Students' Perceptions Report


CandiC writes: "OCLC promised to sift the Perceptions data from college students out into a new report and they've delivered with the College Students' Perceptions of Libraries and Information Resources report.

Even if you've examined the original Perceptions report in detail, it's worth checking the new report out because OCLC promises there are 'all-new graphs and additional analysis of how college student data compare to that of total respondents.'

Public perception of reference librarians

Anonymous Patron writes "This contest says it all. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette ran a caption contest. Caption Contest 25, had an intellectual/motorcycle theme, and includes a biker at the reference desk.

Big Nick was installed at the Reference Desk after the millionth student came in and asked: "Is it true that scientists have discovered rings around Uranus?"

That was third place."

PR Contest! Sell Your Library and Win Big

Libraries of all sizes and types.... here's your chance to gain national recognition for your great PR efforts!

Enter the ALA LAMA Annual 2006 Swap and Shop Best of Show public relations competition by submitting copies of your library's best public relations materials from 2005 (for example: brochures, annual reports, summer reading programs or newsletters).

Hurry up, as entries must be postmarked no later than May 1, 2006.

Appealing To the Voters On Behalf of the Library

It's no surprise that voters are turning down government propositions to send their tax money to the library...left and right. Here's a different approach...remind those homeowning citizens that money for the library will add value to the price of their homes. A Letter to the Editors at the Levittown (NY)Tribune suggests doing just that...