Thai Library blog in this week#4 (15-21 March 2009)

Summary projectlib blog in 15-21 March 2009


15 March 2009 - lack of librarian in Thailand

Thaipost (Thailand newspaper) report about lack of librarian in Thailand.
I think some topic in this news wrong...I wrote this blog for suggest addition information.
Many blogger comment this topic very can suggest about it too.

You can read detail - lack of librarian in Thailand


16 March 2009 - Clip baby librarian (so cute)

When I entered the website youtube...I found many interesting clip.
Today I search "librarian" into search tool. I found the cute librarian.
I presented this clip to everyone...cause it's so cute.

You can read detail - Clip baby librarian (so cute)


17 March 2009 - Hot climate, let's go to the library

In Thailand the weather is so hot.....
I suggested about how to make cold and not spend your money.
The result for this solution is go to library. cause it free....

You can read detail - Hot climate, let's go to the library


18 March 2009 - Commart Thailand 2009 begin

Big event about computer in Thailand.
Today is open in first day...this event have 5 days.
I suggest for everyone. This event is so good thing for everyone.

You can read detail - Commart Thailand 2009 begin


In this week, I must to say sorry for Friday.

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