Thai Library blog in this week#5 (22-28 March 2009)

Summary projectlib blog in 22-28 March 2009


23 March 2009 - Photo from Commart Thailand 2009

21 March, I went to the Commart Thailand.
I take my pretty photo inside commart to promote this event.
Please comment my photo at this blog

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23 March 2009 - Copy Idea is not power

Some blog in thailand is copy me.
They don't credit to me. I will blame to thier blog.
I used to say "Sharing Knowledge is power"
and I think "Copy Idea is not power"

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24 March 2009 - 25 famous librarians who changed history

In this day, I found this article.
I wonder very much....
Many famous persons in the world used to be librarian.
I translated it for thai librarian for read it.

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25 March 2009 - Activity in Marauy library

Yesterday I visited Maruay Library.
I found interesting activity in this library.
I suggested this event for everyone.

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26 March 2009 - twitter mosaic's projectlib

I suggest tool for create picture mosaic.
This Picture Mosaic created from friend in my twitter.
I like it. You can create and show to me...

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In this week, I must to say sorry for Friday.

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