The Information Age: More to Come

Topic has a great Opinion piece on Vannevar Bushs\"As We May Think\"Bush\'s essay is astonishing for two reasons. First, his vision of personally
created, associated links of knowledge was prescient. He could see, even
then, the explosion of necessary information beyond a level any human could
manage, and he could imagine the evolution of technology into forms that
would make possible an easily accessible, easily searchable desk-based
library of personal and public knowledge.Second, it is impossible to read the essay without giggling furiously over the
details of how he imagined the technology would develop. All a person\'s
collected knowledge would be stored in tiny form -- small enough for the
Encyclopedia Britannica to fit a matchbox-size space inside a desk with
built-in viewing screens and something that sounds much like today\'s
scanners. He called this device the \"Memex.\"