The \"New\" Librarian

USNEws has an intersting
read Here on the new breed of Librarians.

\"Library science is a field transformed by the
cyber-revolution. A generation ago, \'\'the librarian had the
crepe-soled shoes and the bun and was holding court in a
book-lined environment,\'\' says Carol Hoffmann, assistant to
the director of the University of Pittsburgh\'s library
system. Lately, explosive growth in the volume and import of
information has created demand across disciplines for people
expert in organizing and retrie\'\'Now, librarians are in hospitals. They\'re in law firms.
They\'re building Web sites,\'\'
says Hoffmann. They\'re freelancing as highly paid
researchers, or \'\'information brokers.\'\' They\'re working for
software developers, testing programs for user friendliness.